GS1-128 Decoder for android

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Ankit Kesarwani

Jul 5, 2016, 9:34:34 AM7/5/16
to zxing
I'm Using Zxing library in my android project since last 2 years and now I'm facing a problem to read GS1-128 Barcode format.

When I used QR_CODE_MODE and PRODUCT_MODE as SCAN_MODE and it works fine for other type of barcode except GS1-128 Barcode or Code 128.

If I used AZTEC_MODE as SCAN_MODE then zxing camera stop reading the attached barcode and if I used QR_CODE_MODE for scan the same then it will return string as below:

"01940190976854571033650100138310200200415131018" where expected result will be "]C101940190976854571033650100138 310200200415131018".

I have download an "GS1-128 Decoder" app from google play, For scanning a barcode, the ZXing barcode scanner is used in the same application and the application is giving me the expected result. GS1-128 Decoder app Link -

I tried all possible ways to get correct result from Zxing library but unfortunately I failed to do the same.

Your information regarding "GS1-128 Barcode" would be really helpful for me.


Ankit Kesarwani

Jul 5, 2016, 9:55:24 AM7/5/16
to zxing
I'm using core-3.2.1.jar in Zxing library (Version 4.7.6).

I go through the github Official ZXing project home and as mention there Aztec (beta) is supported format for Code 128 that's why i used the same.

What SCAN_MODE should I use for read code 128 ? is Zxing return the result with FNC1 in SCAN_RESULT ?

If I'm doing wrong please provide me proper guidance.

Sean Owen

Jul 5, 2016, 11:41:36 AM7/5/16
to zxing
I already answered this, but, it's still not clear why you're asking about Aztec or QR code. It's Code 128 and decodes correctly already. FNC1 is not printable; ]C is one possible translation but not somehow the right one.
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