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Jorge Juan

Dec 30, 2013, 9:53:29 AM12/30/13
Dear Sean Owen,

I have read the old posts introducing BS+, I understand the motivation and how it helps improving BS and the Zxing project. I am pretty happy with BS right now (except for the lack of aztec code support) and I am not specially motivated to buy BS+.

I am primarily interested in supporting free software (as in freedom) so I prefer donating to a free software project better than buying a proprietary application (even if it contributes to the project somehow). I would like you to consider to open-source BS+ and move it into a supporting version of BS. It will have a price. You would get:

BS: the same general functionality we are used to.
BS+: newer features, more frequent updates, a more direct way to support free software.

Of course, new features in BS+ would have to be moved to BS in a timely manner. This would attract more BS users, hopefully make more BS+ costumers and increase the profits as a business.

I would happily buy BS+ right now in these conditions (as I have just bought a support donation to Cool Reader [1]).

Under these conditions, you may also consider GPL if you want to prevent close-source derivatives.

Best regards.



Sean Owen

Dec 30, 2013, 10:21:38 AM12/30/13
You're just asking to open source the rest of the BS+ app? I understand the idea, sure. I would rather not at this point just given the level of abuse of the current BS app's source code. Different licensing will not stop it. I also don't quite share the same view on open source. That said bits and pieces are back ported over time. And, the code is 90% the same already.
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