Can not encode with RSS barcodes.

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Mar 6, 2018, 3:37:05 AM3/6/18
to zxing
I am creating RSS-14 and RSS_Extended bar codes in C # using Zxing.

I compiled it with the code below and found an error on line 3 below
: System.ArgumentException: 'No encoder available for format RSS_EXPANDED'

var writer = new BarcodeWriter
Format = BarcodeFormat.RSS_EXPANDED,
Options = new ZXing.Common.EncodingOptions
PureBarcode = true,
Height = rh,
Width = 0,
Margin = 1
var image = writer.Write("0108801234560030");
Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(image);
e.Graphics.DrawImage(bitmap, rx, ry, rw, rh);

Like FNC1 on GS1-128, is there a special format for creating RSS_EXTENDED bar codes? Or is it just a number? (If you know the format of RSS-14, please let me know)
Also tell me why System.ArgumentException appeared.


Mar 8, 2018, 12:51:19 AM3/8/18
to zxing
No one ever wrote an encoder for RSS Expanded.
That's what the exception says.
Or in other words you can't encode RSS Expanded with zxing.
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