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Sean Owen

Jun 16, 2012, 5:28:43 AM6/16/12
Not sure what you mean. It reads both QR codes on that page correctly. What do you mean 'encrypted'? there's no such thing.

There is only one reliable way to encode Chinese text in a QR code: use byte mode, indicate UTF-8 encoding with a byte order mark or ECI segment, then encode with UTF-8. (There is also an unofficial "Hanzi" extension mode.) These are all supported and have been for a long time.

Most times people say there's a 'bug' in reading Chinese this hasn't been done correctly. You'd have to show a correctly encoded QR code that isn't read correctly; I'm almost sure theirs aren't being written with encoding markers.

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 3:32:43 AM UTC+1, indam wrote:
While reading some AddressBook(generated by PsQREdit, website: with Chinese name in it, ZXing will show unrecognizable code, even though in the Version 4.2 beta 1.

And encountering the message encrypted, can ZXing deal with it correctly?

I saw the latest beta version can read the Chinese text accurately now, then I knew that you can deal with Chinese decode problem. So wait for the new version problem fixed.

Best Wishes.
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