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Viktor Markov

Jun 18, 2013, 7:25:26 PM6/18/13
Hello, everyone
I'm young programmer, new to android development. Here is my story. I'm building an app for a competition for a bank. I'm using Barcode Scanner App to get data from a QR code and pass it to my application. I'm not very good with law and licenses, so,  can anyone tell me, do I need to pay something to use the Barcode Scanner for my application ? Do I need to credit someone ?  Because when I register in the competition it says something like : " You must confirm that your project does not violate the intelectual property of third parties " roughly translated. 

I'd be very gratefull if someone gives me an explonation in plain english.

Arne Jans

Jun 19, 2013, 2:40:10 AM6/19/13
Have you looked at the Wiki, especially this question in FAQ?,_or_pre-install_it_on_our_Andr

And make sure you also read this Wiki-article regarding License questions:

Viktor Markov

Jun 19, 2013, 3:13:54 AM6/19/13
I've seen it. I'm using Barcode Scanner App via intent, so I guess this clause applies.

Can I Avoid Reusing The Project Completely?

Yes, please see ScanningViaIntent to learn how to call to the Barcode Scanner application using Intents. This requires little work, no integration, and entails no license issues. We view it as by far the simplest means of integration for several reasons. "

"entails no license issues"

But is that it ? Don't I need to declare somewhere that I use some app in addition to mine ? Is it really that simple ? 

Sean Owen

Jun 19, 2013, 4:07:59 AM6/19/13
From a license perspective, if you're not distributing source/object code or derived works, there is nothing you need permission for from someone else.

It may indeed still be a good idea to tell people about requirements and the app you're integrating with, but it's not driven by the license.
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