Info on EU sorting system?

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Nov 28, 2021, 3:31:57 PM11/28/21

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From: Peter Anderson <>
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Subject: FW: Info on EU sorting system?

I need to get this out to the ZWIA list asap to find out if anyone knows anything substantive about EcoCentral Granada.
(There is a group of well funded US enviro orgs who are considering whether to treat this BS seriously, so it’s important to get the latest data on it.)
From: Alexandra Teitz []
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2021 12:53 PM
To: anderson
Subject: Fwd: Info on EU sorting system?
Hi Peter — 
Here’s what we have on the European sorting system — sorry it took me so long to get it to you.  I’d be very interested to know what you think.
Alexandra Teitz
AT Strategies, LLC

Hi Alexandra,
Below Mat Everhart's answer to my inquiry of information related to their technology, and attached the information I received on Spanish facility they've built. I used as an example some Hamilton country solid waste and diversion data, and based on that he chose a facility type to demonstrate.
" Hi Rikka
               Based on the input comp and what I understand to be your targets in your concept the closest rough concept I would propose would be that of the EcoCentral facility we built in Grenada Spain
Please see the attached information sheet.  This facility was about 30M Euro in 2021 monies value and processes about 90 tons per hour of materials.  You can see the resulting purities on the last page.
To dig much deeper into this I would need a pretty specific set of information not found in the document you provided.  If you’ll like to drive towards a deeper knowledge of this I’d recommend we try and have a call or screen-share meeting.
Alexandra Teitz
AT Strategies, LLC
ECOCENTRAL GRANADA info for RIKKA (2) (1).pdf

Enzo Favoino

Nov 28, 2021, 5:48:17 PM11/28/21
to, Jamie Kaminski,
I don't have any specific info on that site, but may sure discuss the topic for hours
Needless to say, we promote source separation, and typically, it consists of 5 streams - not just 3 - at the curb:
  • food scraps (yard trimmings have a different, specific and low-frequency collection route, or must be delivered to Municiapl Recycling Centres by households themselves, so as to allow cost optimisation of curbside schemes and keep a high participation rate in home composting programmes)
  • glass
  • paper + cardboard
  • plastics + metals (lightweight, compact-able, easy to separate after collection)
  • residual waste

This has driven many Municipalities around and above 90% separate collection (122 in Italy in 2019)

We also promote, though, stabilisation + sorting of residual waste so as to

  • comply with EU obligation on pretreatment (which made landfilling more expensive btw - hence this is beneficial)
  • minimise the env footprint of landfills (thanks to stabilisation of dirty organics)

From what I infer, the difference with Grenada, is they propose mixed waste sorting instead of separate collection, while we say the priority is separate collection (which is also mandatory for key materials - including organics! - under EU Directives) and residual waste sorting is only an ancillary option so as to minimise the footprint of landfills, improve the life cycle performance of waste management, and avoid incineration.

Attached, the ZWE report on the subject

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