Mustang 1.7.4, Past challenges

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Jochen Stärk

Aug 24, 2019, 10:38:18 AM8/24/19


Mustang 1.7.4

from today is a maintenance release which should

  • Work with Java 11 (#132) and
  • encode XML entities in ZF2 (#102) correctly.


  • addAddtionaldata was corrected to addAdditionalFile
  • zugferdimporter.getversion was added in Importer and
  • add total (directory) amount were added in metrics

Feel free to use with Maven or download at .

Additionally I would like to try to outline some learnings or

challenges Mustang was faced in the past

  • When writing
    • we had to make sure the XML is correct vis a vis Schematron and Schema
    • we would have to write valid PDF A/3 with file attachments
    • we would have the correct PDF/A Schema Extensions in place and it took a while to find out
    • how to write XML that also works as XRechnung (if you want to do that)
  • When reading
    • the PDF can be compressed (fortunately, if you e.g. use PDFbox this will be transparent), we need to
    • watch out if the XML file has a BOM and of course
    • read from the correct file (which can be ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml for zf1, zugferd-invoice.xml for zf2 or factur-x.xml for fx).
    • If one read the filename from the PDF/A Schema Extensions: There is a element notation and a attribute notation. We just read any matching filename. But I had to learn to
    • use the real filenames, not just the keys in the dictionary and that
    • files might be embedded in "flat" or "array" notation as well as that
    • we need to be able to correctly look for what we search, i.e. with the correct xpath, ideally for ZF1 and ZF2

feel free to ask questions, good luck with the new versin and kind regards

Jochen Stärk

Chief ZUGFeRD Amatuer

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