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Jochen Stärk

Aug 18, 2019, 3:56:41 AM8/18/19


I pubished a little REST API proof of concept for Mustangproject on

It currently supports only the two most prominent functions, extract (XML from zf/fx) and combine (PDF+XML to zf/fx).

It does support Factur-x, through.

I was fascinated about Dropwizard ever since I heard VeraPDF had been reaching out in that direction

Now I was browsing for swagger and stumbled over a german 45min Dropwizard/Swagger introduction video slides from Froscon 2017 so I just had to try.

Let me know if that's of any use for anyone.

It's written in java but since it (is a rest api and) supports openapi/swagger maybe someone can even generate SDKs for other languages.

have fun and kind regards


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Jochen Stärk

Sep 15, 2019, 4:19:04 AM9/15/19


I renamed the Mustang API to Mustang Server and published 0.0.2 today on

It comes with https support and a rudimentary, hardcoded http basic user authentication (good-guy:secret, if you want to perform a combine operation, feel free to adjust in the source). The swagger attributes are now also sufficient so that you can just fetch localhost:8080/swagger.yml and paste it in to generate a client in java, php, c++ and the other languages.

kind regards


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