Introducing the BiblioBouts information literacy online game

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Chris Leeder

Dec 4, 2010, 7:45:46 PM12/4/10
Dear fellow evangelists,

I am part of a research team at the University of Michigan School of
Information developing the new BiblioBouts information literacy online game, which
incorporates using Zotero as an integral part of the research project. The
game has been developed in collaboration with the Zotero team.


Students play BiblioBouts while they research their assigned papers.
BiblioBouts is composed of a series of mini-games or bouts that introduce
students to a specific subset of skills within the larger skill-set that
structures the overall library research process.

For an introduction to game play, watch the 1-minute video at

BiblioBouts is made of 4 mini-games or "bouts":

1. In the "Donor" bout, students search online for sources on their broad
2. In the "Closer" bout, students choose the best source to put into play
3. In the "Tagging and Rating" bout, students evaluate their classmates'
sources content and its credibility and relevance.
4. In "Best Bibliography" bout, student assemble a bibliography frmo all
the evaluated sources in the game.

After the game ends, students can search and sort the Post-Game Library
bearing everyone's sources while they write their papers.

Game winners will be students who meet and exceed game quotas, agree with
their classmates on tags and ratings, and contribute the sources that large
numbers of students added to their own bibliography at the end of the game.


To play the demo game, go to, enter
"" (minus the quotes) into Email and "demo" (minus the
quotes) into Password. You will be able to try out the game functionality
on a pre-existing set of content.


Our instructor FAQ at
tells much more about incorporating BiblioBouts into academic or
information literacy courses.

BiblioBouts has been deployed in 13 classes at 4 universities. Students and
faculty from all 13 classes played an important role in the development of
BiblioBouts, suggesting new functionality, more game-like features, and
improvements to its interface.

Please let us know if you would be interested in deploying BiblioBouts in
information-literacy classes or can recommend faculty who might be
interested in deploying the game in their classes. BiblioBouts can be used
in any classes on any subject where students have a research paper

If you have any questions, please contact anyone on the BiblioBouts team at or email me individually and I'll help you anyway I


Chris Leeder
PhD Student
School of Information
University of Michigan
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