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Feb 8, 2011, 7:08:51 PM2/8/11
to Zotero Evangelists
Hi fellow Zotero Evangelists,
In Late March I'll be doing a university wide introduction to Zotero.
I did one of these last fall and was not happy with results. Any


Henry Henry

Feb 8, 2011, 10:21:58 PM2/8/11

Find the ones you reached, the ones who intuitively understood and accepted and adopted Zotero.

They might be the seeds of success you build around, the ones who help promote the product.

Even if it is no more than successful engagement with one, then it is still a success.

Are there any significant decision-makers you can approach?

You can approach on the basis of cost reduction (did we mention it is free?).

You can approach on the basis of owning your research efforts and take it with you.

You can sell it on the ease of supporting collaborative efforts.

Given the nature of the web2.0 tools social nature you could integrate it into the writing lab.

Reach out to the younger generation.

Approach the professors who teach the Research classes, they reach broad audiences.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck, this is an effort worth expending.


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Hank Henry

Tara Robertson

Feb 8, 2011, 10:31:37 PM2/8/11

Can you provide a bit more detail? Were you presenting directly to students? to other librarians? to faculty?

What did you want folks to come away with? I'll often tack on a quick 10 min intro to an instruction class to give students an idea of what Zotero is, and how it can save them time. For grad students I'll spend about 90 minutes showing them most of the functionality and facilitate a discussion on how they can use it as a collaborative tool. My goals for these two type of sessions are different.

When you say you (they?) weren't happy with the results, what do you mean? Do you do any evaluation? I hand out slips of paper for folks to tell me something they learned, a question they still have, and any other feedback or comments they want to leave. For general instruction classes, about 70% of the students say they didn't know about Zotero and they think it'll be useful.

I suspect if you can share a bit more information folks on this list can offer more useful advice.



Feb 9, 2011, 7:03:00 PM2/9/11
to Zotero Evangelists
> Hank Henry

Thanks for the suggestions. We have a new library director and she
has given me the green light to 'get the word out' about Zotero.
Moreover I've a number of high end researchers who are looking to
collaborative tools to use with fellow researchers, graduate students,
and under graduates. So I see this as a excellent opportunity to give
our university community an alternative to EndNote.

Henry Henry

Feb 11, 2011, 2:06:39 PM2/11/11
to subscription fees!
Hank Henry

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