Is translation server dropping RIS tags?

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TheoKinDB TheoKinDB

Oct 4, 2021, 7:56:07 AM10/4/21
to zotero-dev

I can resolve this DOI 10.1021/jp990046i at and get this RIS string:

DO  - 10.1021/jp990046i
UR  -
TI  - Decomposition of β-Hydroxypropoxy Radicals in the OH-Initiated Oxidation of Propene. A Theoretical and Experimental Study
T2  - The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
AU  - Vereecken, Luc
AU  - Peeters, Jozef
AU  - Orlando, John J.
AU  - Tyndall, Geoffrey S.
AU  - Ferronato, Corinne
PY  - 1999
DA  - 1999/05/29
PB  - American Chemical Society (ACS)
SP  - 4693-4702
IS  - 24
VL  - 103
SN  - 1089-5639
SN  - 1520-5215
ER  -

I then use a local installation of the Zotero translation server to convert this RIS string to a template suitable for upload to Zotero:

response ='', ris_string, headers={'Content-Type': 'text/plain'})
zotero_template = json.loads(response.text)

In the resulting dictionary however, some items are missing, for example the second 'SN' tag and the 'PB' tag. I this intended?

{'DOI': '10.1021/jp990046i',
 'ISSN': '1089-5639',
 'creators': [{'creatorType': 'author',
               'firstName': 'Luc',
               'lastName': 'Vereecken'},
              {'creatorType': 'author',
               'firstName': 'Jozef',
               'lastName': 'Peeters'},
              {'creatorType': 'author',
               'firstName': 'John J.',
               'lastName': 'Orlando'},
              {'creatorType': 'author',
               'firstName': 'Geoffrey S.',
               'lastName': 'Tyndall'},
              {'creatorType': 'author',
               'firstName': 'Corinne',
               'lastName': 'Ferronato'}],
 'date': 'May 29, 1999',
 'issue': '24',
 'itemType': 'journalArticle',
 'key': 'S9BSDU6P',
 'pages': '4693-4702',
 'publicationTitle': 'The Journal of Physical Chemistry A',
 'tags': [],
 'title': 'Decomposition of β-Hydroxypropoxy Radicals in the OH-Initiated '
          'Oxidation of Propene. A Theoretical and Experimental Study',
 'url': '',
 'version': 0,
 'volume': '103'}

Thanks you

TheoKinDB TheoKinDB

Oct 5, 2021, 1:40:21 AM10/5/21
to zotero-dev
Commenting on my post:

Regarding dropping of the 'PB' RIS tag, i think this is intentional.
In the translation-server log I see this:
(3)(+0000006): Translate: Invalid field 'publisher' for item type 'journalArticle'.

Regarding the second 'SN' RIS tag:
SN  - 1089-5639
SN  - 1520-5215
It appears that only the first tag is used for the template, the second one ignored.
Is this intentional? Should I merge them in the RIS tag before sending them to the translation server, e.g. into:
SN  - 1089-5639, 1520-5215


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