How can a translator create a note containing a picture?

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Philipp Zumstein

Dec 10, 2023, 12:11:10 PM12/10/23
I am looking into several improvements for the import translator from Citavi (see e.g my pull request here ). Now, one thing is that Citavi has also notes with pictures. Such notes resp. knowledge items contain a title, a relative path to the image file (which needs to be saved in the same folder) and possibly some text. In Zotero notes with images are also possible, but how can this been done in a import translator? Somehow the image first needs to be saved in the Zotero storage and then linked. But how?

For example look at the following (simplified) snippet from Citavi XML to import:

    <KnowledgeItem id="1e45a919-b939-4f90-a03b-beb756bcf4c6">
      <Address>{"$type":"SwissAcademic.Citavi.LinkedResource, SwissAcademic.Citavi","LinkedResourceType":1,"UriString":"test.png","LinkedResourceStatus":8,"Properties":{"$type":"SwissAcademic.Citavi.LinkedResourceProperties, SwissAcademic.Citavi"},"SyncFolderType":0,"IsLocalCloudProjectFileLink":false,"IsCloudRestore":false,"IsCloudCopy":false,"AttachmentFolderWasInFallbackMode":false}</Address>
      <CoreStatement>Some Test</CoreStatement>

This should create an standalone note in Zotero with the title "Some Test" conaining the image test.png.

Philipp Zumstein

Jan 18, 2024, 3:20:56 AMJan 18
Bump. Any reaction or answer to my question?
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