ZORALab's Tech Services' Catalog Is Now Available: ZORALab's Salut

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Chew, Kean Ho

May 31, 2022, 7:54:37 PMMay 31
to ZORALab Enterprise
Hi all,
After 2 months of intense R&D internally and externally, we are now proudly announcing that we successfully solved the tech service puzzle and today, we can now offer a customizable, non-subscription model based, packageable tech services: the ZORALab's Salut. Please feel free to explore our catalogs here: https://salut.zoralab.com/

Via Salut, you:
  • Can order parts of services from our previous Integra Program and Shepherd Program, at transactional level, at a time.
  • Shepherd Program's customers are no longer placed under that scary and worrying subscription pricing. Instead, we will issue invoices as a periodic purchase.
  • Cheaper in a way that you only purchase services that you need.
  • Only deal with 1 product-specific legal term sheet.
Also, via Salut, we can:
  • Perform improvements based on constructive feedback much faster, precise, and continuously.
  • Roll out and manage new services easily.

What happened to our existing Customers and the previous Programs?
Don't worry. We will be reaching each of you starting today, June 1, 2022 Malaysian Time to transform the existing Shepherd Program (support) and Integra Program (setup) into ZORALab's Salut. You will not be charged under Shepherd Program subscription payment as well.

We are definitely deprecating and retiring those programs as we want to keep things dead simple: all human-related tech services are from ZORALab's Salut.

Why do some services look ridiculously cheaper than previous ones?
Mainly due to the absence of some work-in-progress services. Notable ones are:
  • Content creations for "website system setup" - we are currently working on "data processing" catalog and content creation is "data creation".
  • Migration services for "email and data sharepoint setup" - we are currently trying to stabilize services that have unpredictable hours in a way that we can offer a win-win solution.
Until these features are out, the currently offered services indeed look cheaper.

Otherwise, it is because you are now having the ability to pick a specific service rather than being stuffed with packages containing unused ones. Yeap, we are not planning to use dirty business tricks; just straightforward, dead simple one-time purchases like those fast-food chain stores.

What's next for ZORALab?
At the moment, the most pressing issue is to resolve our supply chain problems caused by the 2022 Russian-Ukraine Special Military Operations/War depending on which sides you are on and the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic aftermath. Once we stabilize these variables, we should be working on the data processing catalog.

Thank you. Cheers! Stay happy, stay healthy!


ZORALab Enterprise (002599169-M)
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