IMPORTANT: LastPass Important Changes (Deadline: March 16, 2021)

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Chew, Kean Ho

Feb 17, 2021, 11:27:34 PM2/17/21
to ZORALab Enterprise
Hi all,

With respect to our recommendations to use LastPass, one of our proud vendors for storing and managing passwords to many of you, there is an important and drastic change that came directly from the LastPass vendor. If you're not a LastPass Free Tier user, you may ignore this email.

Starting From March 16, 2021, all LastPass Free Tier users shall only choose "Mobile Only" or "Desktop Only" option to use his/her existing LastPass Free Tier ( This can be very damaging and very disruptive for those of you who are using both mobile and desktop. Since this can either break you from accessing all your services, we analyzed 3 possible options:

Option 1: choosing Mobile is mainly because one can use Signal Messenger ( or Scrcpy ( to transmit sensitive data like passwords between devices. Since password is an access credential, it should always be with you so mobile is much more important than desktop. All you need to do is log out all LastPass accounts on desktop before March 16, 2021 and only login via your mobile app.
DISCLAIMER: ZORA team will NEVER recommend one to transmit password via Whatsapp or Telegram compared to Signal due to their privacy implementations. In any cases, please use Signal Messenger for work-based messaging purposes.

Option 2: we recommend Pass ( and Bitwarden ( Pass is fully open source but does not sync across mobile devices (since it is not a cloud solution). Bitwarden is the competitor to LastPass but comes with some inflexibility such as 2FA is not available at free tier. However, both are considered good alternatives.

Option 3: it's obvious to comply with their subscriptions. If you are okay with the plan, then no action is required aside buying their subscription plan before the date.

Since LastPass password managers manage your access to many entities, websites, or secrets, you should take action starting from now.  Despite the hassle, you should still continue to use an audited Password Manager solution to manage your many passwords and secrecy like a secured bank vault that comes with 2nd Factor Authentication (e.g. 6-Digits TOTP) authenticator feature. 

Let us know if you need help. Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a happy Chinese New Year.


ZORALab Enterprise (002599169-M)
Through Knowledge With Serve

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