Re: Can Zoomfloppy work with a TheC64 Maxi?

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Dan Gahlinger

May 24, 2021, 9:25:51 AMMay 24
to ZoomFloppy Users
The c64 maxi doesn't have any IEC ports so it can't use any of the original floppy drives.

It's also not a PC so it can't run opencbm or the zoomfloppy or related utilities.

Basically the c64 maxi is a raspberry pi in a case that looks like a c64, that's all it really is.

It's something that looks like a c64 but doesn't even come close to functioning as one.

The best modern replacement of a classic c64 would be the ultimate-64, and you can get a really nice 3d printed case for it.
But they cost a bit more.

It comes down to what you want and need.
If you want to just play a bunch of the games, nothing serious then the c64 maxi might do, but even then I'd say a retropie would be a better alternative (except it won't look like a c64)
If you want to do something serious then get either a real c64 or an ultimate 64.

Real c64s are very rare now, massively overpriced on ebay. More than an ultimate 64 would cost in most cases.

There's also the pi1541, it depends what you want or need...

On Mon., May 24, 2021, 08:50 L.T., <> wrote:
My old C64 got fried, so I bought a The C64 Maxi instead. I'd love to be able to use my old drive and floppy disks with The C64, and I'm wondering if anyone tried making this possible through Zoomfloppy. If not, I will probably just get a Zoomfloppy in order to turn my floppy disks into D64 files, but I'd much prefer the other thing.

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Nate Lawson

May 24, 2021, 7:29:06 PMMay 24
to ZoomFloppy Users
I’m not sure what LT is asking for. The ZoomFloppy acts as the computer and controls a real floppy drive. So it doesn’t work at all with the C64 Maxi or a real C64 because both would be filling the same role.

The ZF is great for generating G64/D64 images from real floppies, which can be used with the Maxi or emulators like VICE. The Pi1541 is great for emulating a floppy drive for a C64, making G64/D64 images look like a real floppy to it.

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Pontus Berg

May 25, 2021, 2:29:29 AMMay 25
Isn't he thinking you could connect it using USB, and the answer is that you need the full Open CBM stack to run it then.

Nate Lawson

May 25, 2021, 12:52:38 PMMay 25
Got it. Yeah that would require OpenCBM or VICE on the Maxi and it wouldn’t be full drive access. (VICE can use OpenCBM but not with any accelerator code so it’s more of a party trick than useful thing). 


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