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Tiago Emanuel

Jun 9, 2011, 7:41:55 PM6/9/11
to Global Dev Team
I´d like to receive a feedback of the team about this project I made:


Integration of the global zeitgeist movement communication and an
attempt to remove subjectivity from the management of projects and
ideas. At the same time, increase motivation to the movement

In the Resource Based Economy we say that people would participate
probably by a site integrated with all knowledge and techniques.
People would interact and suggest new ideas and changes. This appears
to be the best and most efficient participative/auto-management way to
“reach” the best decisions possible. If not, I would like to hear
about other methods.

Why didn´t we started by this way in order to integrate the activists
communication and centralize it in one main site, instead of
decentralizing the information having to many dispersed communication
vehicles (zeitnews, tzm forum, radio show, tzm network, teamspeak, e-
mail groups, national sites)?

Communication is the very basis of every organizations, many people
along the world have a poor listening in English, but can read well or
make a translation, the written form is better them the spoken, in a
global perspective. All relevant information should be place in one
common place, so everyone can easily read and interact together.

“The” Site:
The main site have to be the best communication vehicle possible, with
the best solutions in translation to many languages possible, so we
can reach a bigger integration with all the world thoughts in just one
site. We could transform the actual into this
auto-management site. Where everyone already registered would login
and participate directly. It would be the union of, zeitnews and tzmnetwork in one site.

The Address:
The name is too big and hard to be correctly
typed by many people in different countries, so we should make a short
alternative name just like we made in brazil
( and leading to the same site),
something like / / would be easier to be typed
and divulgated.

The Structure:
On the left side of the site we´d have the areas of knowledge (an
expansion of zeitnews left side, including the left side of,
an icon to join the movement, an icon to member statistics…). On the
right side the events icons, and other information that must have
special attention, link to a calendar with all the events of tzm in
the world. On the center of the site, we´d have the most relevant
projects/ideas in progress (of all areas of activism). In a superior
bar: icons to a free forum like the actual forum of (objective
is to let people post simple thoughts to be debated and promote
creativity without formality). An icon to the TZM network (that would
be integrated to the registration login of the main site). An icon to
a video section like the video section of Brazilian site And other relevant icons (tool kit)
and etc.

The Main Page:
In the center of the main page of the site we would have the projects/
ideas/innovations/news of all possible kinds of technology (exemples:
the mental structure of the movement ideas, the movement mission
statement, the pdf orientation guide, methods of transition,
industrial technology, every possible application of science in
materials or management). In this area we´d require a good
organization of the ideas with well written objective texts, based on
science and logical reasoning. It would have a commentary section and
a system of valuation of relevance of the idea, where every logged
member can give a rate from 0 to 10, and the rate can be changed any
times the member wants. The best rated would be on the top of the
list, and the very worst ones would be deleted in one week after been
noticed about the automatic exclusion. The new ideas would have a
special exclamation icon by one week, and it would begin with a rate

Auto-Management X Centered Management:
With this method of participation, we´ll try to change from Centered
Management to an Auto-Management, where all can directly participate.
Instead of a few people defining the Mission Statement or the PDF
orientation guide, we´d have and expanded participation allowing us to
“reach” the best ideas to put in practice. The coordinators and the
project teams would just make sure that the site is running well, and
help applying changes proposed by the projects on the main page. We don
´t have to overload Peter Joseph and others activists that probably
are mentally exhausted doing so much for the movement for so long.

Increase Motivation:
Many activists are losing motivation, maybe because change the world
into a RBE is probably the most challenger task, and we can´t see so
many results. And maybe many members are leaving the movement
hopeless. So we have to reorganize our approach in this task, and try
to elaborate small steps to take, in order to achieve a RBE.

The Transition:
Themes about a transition to a RBE would probably be the most
relevant. The most important contribution of the activists is to
elaborate methods of transition. A combination of reforms of the
actual system combined with steps toward the RBE and the divulgation
of ultimate goal (RBE) maybe the most efficient and extensive
perspective of change.

Reform Methods:
Beyond the divulgation of the end goal, we´d try to solve all the
actual system problems with shorter/evolutionary/processual/measurable
changes. I made some correlations of problems and some possible
solution that just came in my mind without a deeper analysis.

-Planned Obsolescence  public awareness/ boycott / (laws?)
-Resources Waste  public awareness / (laws?)
-Polution  public investigation / boycott / laws
-Dishonesty/lie  public awareness / internet investigations
(wikileaks way)
-Fear of losing guaranties of survival  public collaboration/ share /
-Scarcity,rare itens  buying things that last, and whats good for all
-greed, dissatisfaction  public awareness
-status products  boycott
-people in debt, easy manipulated  public awareness / boycott of
-Financial crisis  gold standard?; outlawing interest?; shutting down
the federal reserve?; other economics reforms
-Technological Unemployment  reduce working journey / laws
-nutricional food  public awareness/ boycott
-Scarce energy  public actions (buy solar panels) / boycott / laws
-Unknown carrying capacity of Earth  collect data
-scarce water  incentives on abundant ways (desalinization)
-hunger  charity / nutritive cheap food for all (by a non-profit
-dirt transport  public divulgation of cleans / boycott / laws
-irrelevant education  public investigation / questioning teachers
-bad health care  public investigation and exposure / laws
-corruption  avoid social inequality / politics / laws
-poverty, social inequality  investigate equal countries examples
-propriety  share (ex: share itens websites, bike/cars share)
-centralized power  show the people that 1% do nothing without the
-bad resources administration  update politics/management with
-restrict participation  call the public for political changes/
online political party
-city problems  divulgation of new technologies / social pressure to

All this problems can be well studied/investigated and the solutions
launched in form of an structured idea/project. It´s up to you
(activist) to use your logical reasoning to find the solutions to put
in practice now, in order to get near to a Resource Based Economy. If
you are an economist, try to elaborate ideas to deal with the short
term financial problems, how the population could support a RBE
transition, possible boycotts and theirs consequences. If you are an
engineering, work in the renewable clean energy solutions to put in
practice by the mass public. If you have a profit company, try to
solve problems of the mass, don´t keep the idea of make money through
scarcity. In general terms, use your acquired knowledge and your brain
computing capacity to find ways to a RBE, we can start the change in
practice. If the environment define our behavior let’s start to change
the environment by our acts, not only by our speech.

Tiago Emanuel
(Movimento Zeitgeist Brasil)


Jun 10, 2011, 4:53:57 AM6/10/11
I'm really glad to see your post Tiago.
We must promote your idea into Phoenix Project - TZM2.0!!!
We're organizing a meeting in TS to discourse it.

Keep in touch and let us do it.

Nick Polimeni

Jun 10, 2011, 7:25:55 AM6/10/11
One of the first requisites for a project of any kind to work is to show our ability to work together. Lofty ideas are spoken here and in every forum by many different people. What we learn from that is that we, many of us see things in the same way, and want the same results.

We are now crossing the biggest barrier or bridge, if you will, to prove to ourselves we can work together... THAT TIME IS NOW.

We have Project Phoenix, which covers exactly the topic of your dissertation. We also have a working space, that is an actual space were collaborative work can take place, and that's the wiki, here: and the specific location and break down of the project, here:

What needs to be done, is the good ideas need to be integrated what with others have put in there already; there are task to be done, asking for people who want to take responsibility for sections of the process. The technical information needs to be filled in where it is missing, the variety of proposals need to filter into a combined one that handles all the anticipated needs.

More people need to contribute to the requirements, in detail, such as what will really be the needs...

Lots of wonderful ideas spread throughout our community. Let's get the project going. If people keep posting here only, and don't understand the use of the wiki for Project management, they should go in there and read what's already there... and start putting the pieces together . . .

So, Tiago, about the project you made, wonderful. Integrate it with the wiki information because that's the way we are going.

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