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Nick Polimeni

Jun 14, 2011, 11:11:18 PM6/14/11
For those who didn't know how, but were afraid to ask, I've put together a two page explanation of how to use our wiki so you can contribute immediately:

As you participate and learn, you can add to that page.

James Tarpinian

Jun 16, 2011, 10:20:44 PM6/16/11
to Global Dev Team
Hi Nick and Everyone,
It's looking to me like this is the way we want to go so far as
communication goes, from what I'm reading there and in the google
group? It seems like there are several lines of communication
happening right now, which has made it a bit difficult for me to
understand where we are at and what is going on, as a newbie here.
Also I seem to remember there was something in our goals about trying
not to rely on 3rd party software and platforms, and I personally
don't trust google further than I can throw them (*As he checks his
gmail account* lol). The ling team wiki though, ZM has complete
control over, am I correct? So I suppose my question is, should we
start focusing primarily on the wiki from now on? Look forward to
meeting with you all tomorrow.

Nick Polimeni

Jun 17, 2011, 6:48:57 AM6/17/11
I'm working to gather everything into the wiki, and keep updating it with information as I find it.

So one thing you should do is to mark topics of your interest with "watch" so you get emails telling you when there was a change to a page you are watching.

Right now we are using GG as a mailing system, until the Phoenix project is done, where upon mailing systems will be within the site for various and saundry purposes.

Also, the GG has been promoted, and being used... so we keep it going, plus some people need this initial contact to receive more information and feel more comfortable with the wiki.

From the Developers' point of view, the wiki is the guide line with the work markers, etc.

The other we hope to tie in with the wiki is the Redmine system, where the Project Management software is now:

I just posted information about it in the wiki.

ZM does have complete control over the wiki. It's intalled in our servers. (or the service provider we pay for the space/servers).

Part of the Phoenix project is to find more secure server systems... or methods of security, where if something happens to one location, all the others are secure...

About whee to focus... People are accepting the wiki more and more. It's been easier than I had imagined with most; some still lag... As an individual I am focused on the wiki, but also check out other stuff and other sources. But the wiki is indeed the source of information on what to do... and after the meeting, there (I hope) will be many different people in charge of the various sectors of the project, so it will be easier when other are contributing and building their area of the wiki.
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