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Zoltán Máté

Jun 25, 2013, 11:31:34 AM6/25/13
i dont wish to for quite some time. as there are no nearby tzm members whose credibility could be checked by me. i might contribute to the creation of a selfsufficient autonom state (perhaps microstate). This would make sense.. but for this, i would have all the members recquired to have tracking collars, some sort of law enforcment devices installed (such as autoguns) perhaps so that people obey laws.. these must be built of course with all basic components produced in a verifiable as possible.. and unhackable as possible way.. and of course the software should be open source and verified..

If no such, i dont see a point.. perhaps if girls would suck my dick for free for 4 years without me actually providing nothing conclusive.. then i accept their goodwill (the goodwill of the group.. but eventually this tracking and law enforcement system will be needed in theory.. or something different more optimal.. so whatever).

As for web development.. u has some search and filtering options with cool searching parameters.. and video streaming from other video website (i suppose u have not your own servers?).. and some forum (well text put into boxes and all the boxes opened would make toe other boxes collaps. popup windows would be kinda handy..).

Thats it.. not a great hardship.. some phone identification text message whatnot to identify chapter members would be at least needed. not that i trus phone companies too much or have any reason to think so.


2013/6/25 <>


    Martin Sotirov <> Jun 24 11:45AM -0700  

    At the moment, the Global Dev Team seems to be rather inactive. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. You can join us at the Tech Team if you like. Our work at the moment primarily has to do with web development anyway. If you wish to get in touch, you can do it via the contact form on Zeitnews ( or you can send me directly an e-mail at
    Thanks for showing some spirit and motivation :)


    Nick Polimeni <> Jun 25 10:41AM +0800  

    Norman is making a call trying to revive whatever team members continue to
    be interested. He has been on this and related projects for quite sometime,
    two years or more... So let him be your guide.
    On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 2:45 AM, Martin Sotirov <


    "Zoltán Máté" <> Jun 24 09:27PM +0200  

    whats the meaning of this? please do elaborate.
    I do not think i am interested about functioning within this developmental
    things. The reason is there are no zeitgeist related groups nearby wich are
    large enough or whatever. I cant get the credibility of members checked
    unlike to those people who have other members nearby. well. i am willing to
    write a law book (i was thinking it could be cool perhaps). of course the
    law enforcement would be through writing algorithms to enforce these laws..
    when laws are not enforced/ensured to be obeyed by some means, the new
    society will still have flaws and will still create suffering if the laws
    of good are not enforced. Defining such laws is one step, changing habbits
    is a separate perhaps paralell. I have dismissed writing such a thing, as
    it woudl be sort of lengthy indeed (to make it clear and check for logical
    errors wich i believe are numerous in current lawbooks with contradictions
    and erronous definitions and things like that). besides lengthy people
    should follow this, and some have derogatory behavior (from the perspective
    of better society), yet they can have a perceivable temporary gain from it
    (for example i believe i have very limited range of effects, perhaps i
    believe it rightly so according to my situation, so i waste quite some time
    with just entertaning myself playing fps games or other video games, or
    watching silly youtube videoes or whatever.. these are rather contrary in a
    sense as to how would it work in a best human society).
    but since i know some coding.. i could code some things for u or such, but
    what do u offer in exchange for this? as i have unmet needs for example.
    2013/6/24 <>


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