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Welcome to the global Zeitgeist Movement Developer Team email group.

This email group serves as the primary contact point for website & software developers of all disciplines who are interested in joining any & all aspect of TZM/TVP/RBE development projects on a global scale.  Please freely pass around the link to this group in order to help the global Dev Team continue to grow into the formidable internal & external FOSS community that it must become in order to help meet the overwhelming goals of the Movement.

As the global caretakers of the web sites, utilities & programs created and made available to the rest of the community, our overall task must be very well understood by all prospective global Dev Team members.  As the Movement continues to mature, it is becoming increasingly self-evident that separate, individual projects are no longer sufficient to see to the needs of such goals.  As a result, it has become imperative that we significantly stretch our creative minds and widen our logical thinking in terms of how everything we do (within the Dev Team, across the Movement Community and outward facing to all people of Earth) fits together into a comprehensive and fully functional system's approach to all of this, with full community communication at the center core of everything we release.  In essence, the underlying focus here is to eventually produce the 1.0 version of Jacque's Cybernated Network.

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