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Q.1) My dongle does not seem to start up correctly according to logs.

A.1.1) If serial port does not open make sure you have correct port and the program has rights to access the port.
A.1.2) If serial port opens but there are communication errors then make sure that you have created the firmware exactly as instructed in ZigBee4OSGI guide.
A.1.3) Channel or Pan ID are incorrect according to logs. Set reset network to true for one time on ZigBeeApi constructor. After one succesful startup set it back to false to avoid coordinator jump starting new network on each startup which causes the devices to stay on the old network and Pan ID.

Q.2) My end point device does not join the network formed by the dongle coordinator.

A.2.0) Check whether your dongle sees the beacon from the device and tries to do simple description query which then times out. If this does not occur then your device may be too far or broken.
A.2.1) Check from specification of your device which ZigBee profile they use. They should use HomeAutomation (HA) profile if you want to use it the firmware created according to ZigBee4OSGI guide.
A.2.2) Check from specification of your device whether they are security enabled. Your coordinator firmware and the devices must all be either security enabled or not. If the security is enabled make sure that the dongle is configured to send the secret key to joining devices instead of using fixed key if you are using HA profile. In light link specification a predefined secret key is used.
A.2.3) Check what is the default channel of the device. You need to set your dongle initially to the same channel so the device will join your network and you can command it to switch to channel of your choice.
A.2.4) Check that device has not already joined to another network. If this is the case you need to reset the device physically.

Q.3) My end point device does not appear as COM port or does not work with Mac?

A.3.0) Check that your dongle firmware has proper support for CDC by plugging it into Windows machine and ensure that new COM port appears.
A.3.1) When you plug in the dongle in Mac see if a COM port appears with similar name to this: /dev/tty.usbmodemfa123 and use it as COM port in configuration.

Q.4) I found a bug or got exception from zigbee4java. What should I do?

Q.5) How can I get Philips Hue Bulbs join the network:

A.5.1) Factory reset bulb, permit joining to network, power cycle the bulb:

1) Factory reset the bulb. 
2) Permit joining to network via ZigBeeApi.permitJoin or console.
3) Power cycle the bulb.

Factory resetting the bulb can be done with certain hue remotes or with the following method (not tested): https://community.smartthings.com/t/hue-bulb-factory-reset-solved-if-your-hue-bulb-is-on-a-zll-channel/84967