zfs-fuse - preliminary support for pool versions 27 and 28

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Gordan Bobic

Jun 15, 2015, 8:39:12 PM6/15/15
to zfs-...@googlegroups.com, deve...@open-zfs.org
I finally got a chance to do a bit of testing on this after backporting the patches that add this support from Illumos. It seems to pass a ztest and a couple of hours of generic use, and creating pools v27 and v28 on zfs-fuse, putting some data, scrubbing, exporting, and re-importing on ZoL seems to work fine, as does the reverse.

You can get the code from here:

Please, test - with caution and on machines with no important data.


Durval Menezes

Jun 21, 2015, 11:15:58 AM6/21/15
to zfs-...@googlegroups.com, developer
Hello Gordan, 

Thank you very much for such great work on the long-abandoned zfs-fuse code.

It's very nice to hear I can now upgrade my pools to version 28; I keep all my pools (even those used exclusively with ZoL) at a version that can be accessed with zfs-fuse so I can mount them anywhere (even on machines with too little memory for ZoL) and for recovery purposes.

I've been really short on spare time the last few weeks (and will continue for some more weeks at the least), but as soon as I have the leisure, I will compile your v28 code here and stress-test it for a few days, first in a VM with a test pool, then on real hardware with a real (but very well backed up) pool, and if all goes OK I will then upgrade and test my pools (starting with the less critical but moving forward until all are on v28). I will be sure to let you know the results by posting them here. 

Please keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress!


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Gordan Bobic

Jun 21, 2015, 2:15:45 PM6/21/15
to zfs-...@googlegroups.com, developer
Hi Durval,

Thank you for your feedback. Any testing you can do is most welcome. I am currently using zfs-fuse with a v28 pool as the rootfs on the Chromebook I am typing this email on and it hasn't skipped a beat in the past week, but that is a relatively limited test case. :-)

Please be aware that pool28 branch is the current development branch that I am trying to merge a number of other things into to get it as close to being in sync with the last OpenSolaris (147) version. If I can fully pull that off (and currently the "fully" part is definitely an if), then getting the code base near feature and bug-fix parity with ZoL will be much easier. There is about 3000 lines of code difference that I need to chase down, and the codebases are quite diverged (e.g. some older features weren't backported, but other, newer features were retrofitted, so there is no clear cut between what is missing and what isn't).

I am only saying this because you should be aware that the pool28 branch is not static so when testing it would probably be a good idea to make a note of what commit version you are using rather than just the branch.

Best regards.

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