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John Usp

Oct 4, 2014, 6:20:04 PM10/4/14
to zfs-...@googlegroups.com
Hello everyone,

I'm using zfs.x86_64 version 0.6.3-1.el6 on CentOS 6.5

Please, ckeck this info: http://paste.debian.net/124495/

One of my disks stopped to work.  I'll replace it asap, but my problem is about the Spares.

I though that when a failure happen one of the spare disks will automatically replace this failed HD.

I have 3 spares, but seems like none of them auto replaced that HD.

What I need to setup to the spares work properly.

All suggestions are welcome,
Thank you

ps.: now I have a raid-5 (raidz1) structure, I will destroy and create a raid-6 (raidz2).

Emmanuel Anne

Oct 5, 2014, 4:24:46 AM10/5/14
to zfs-...@googlegroups.com
Wrong place to post this, it's not about zfs on linux here...
Anyway for zfs-fuse and probably for zol, spares were not enabled automatically, there was a script in zfs-fuse which was executed everytime a pool state changed from or to degraded, so so it enabled the spares if they needed to be enabled using the zpool replace command. I guess you'll need to execute this manually here, and post to some more specific zol place for details !

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