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CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE/ CRRA San Diego Chapter and Zero Waste San Diego Public Meeting



WHEN:  Thursday, March 14, 2024 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm

This meeting will be in-person with the option for virtual attendance

County of San Diego, Department of Public Works

5510 Overland Ave

2nd Floor, Conference Room #241

San Diego, CA 92123


MEETING LINK: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


Phone call in through Teams:

Call +1 619-343-2539 United States, San Diego (Toll) and enter the meeting ID 591 154 284#

Contact: Steve Weihe 858-694-2559


Submit Agenda Items to Chair Rick Anthony and County Staff Steve Weihe 2 weeks prior to the next meeting: and



1.      Welcome and Introductions

2.      Approval, Minutes February 2024

3.      Chair’s Report

4.      Staff Reports

a.      Cities

b.      County

c.       Haulers

d.      Non-Profits

5.      Public Comments and Communication

6.      Regional Planning Issues

a.      Wasting Fee

7.      Legislative Update

8.      Roundtable

9.      Adjournment


WHEN: Thursday, February 8, from 12:00-2:00 p.m.


1.      Welcome and Introductions

a.      Chair

                                                         i.      Ric Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego

b.      Guests

                                                         i.      Laura Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego

                                                       ii.      Steve Weihe, County of San Diego

                                                      iii.      Stephen Mergener, Zero Waste San Diego

                                                      iv.      Lotte Phoummavong, Goodwill of San Diego

                                                       v.      Helen and Ron Kagan, residents/UCSD

                                                      vi.      Kelsey Corbran, I Love A Clean San Diego

                                                    vii.      Bob Hill, EDCO Waste and Recycling

                                                   viii.      Paul Marina, resident

                                                      ix.      Chase Wiegand, City of San Diego

                                                       x.      Ron Askeland, Sierra Club of San Diego

2.      Approval, minutes from January 2024

a.      Approved

3.      Chair’s Report

a.      Both incinerators in Long Beach and Stanislaus will be closed 

b.      California is working on a state Zero Waste plan

c.       SB 54 rulemaking in process

d.      Zero Waste Symposium 2024

                                                         i.      Tuesday, February 28 

                                                       ii.      County Operations Center Chambers-5520 Overland Ave San Diego 92123

                                                      iii.      Looking for sponsorships

4.      Staff reports

a.      City of San Diego

                                                         i.      Due to the recent flooding, Recycling Specialists are going door-to-door in an effort to assist with outreach and recovery coordination

                                                       ii.      An unknown number of trash/recycle/organic waste bins were washed away during the flood.  City is working on replacements for residents.           

                                                      iii.      Green bins have serial numbers that correspond to a particular address and customer 

b.      County of San Diego

                                                         i.      Site Visits

1.      Actively visiting C&D sites, Tier I/II business (under SB 1383), commercial as well as multi-family residences to assist with recycling and organic waste educational outreach.

2.      CalRecycle

a.      Visited commercial businesses/restaurants/school/mobile home park

b.      Generally positive feedback from staff

3.      Flood/debris recovery

a.      County was very active in flood debris removal including door-to-door for HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) collection since January 29th and have assisted over 130 affected households

                                                       ii.      Waivers

1.      Reviews continue on both organic waste waiver exemptions and self-haul forms for recyclables

2.      C&D recycling rate refunds question forwarded to staff

c.       EDCO

                                                         i.      Markets

1.      Still shipping materials

2.      Materials need to be kept DRY as sorting lines at the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) have to be slowed to accommodate wet materials

                                                       ii.      Yard/organic waste

1.      CalRecycle grants for compost are available-$40K, yearly, to help pay for transportation to the farm/school/etc

2.      Biomass power plant in Coachella Valley has stopped taking green waste; may be only temporary.  Inland Pacific Resource Recovery in Lakeside sends a portion of their green waste to this plant.

3.      Currently looking for additional outlets for C&D wood waste

                                                      iii.      New CRV program

1.      Now includes wine, spirits and wine cartons/pouches

2.      Until 7/1/25, no CRV labels are needed to redeem

a.      Wines may be 3-5 years old; gives them time to recreate their labels to include CRV info

3.      One-ounce small liquor bottles are included

4.      Wine cartons/pouches

a.      No end market currently

5.      CRV rates for curbside material will be higher with the addition of wine bottles under the CRV program

6.      Guests discussed glass wine bottle refilling vs. crushing and recycling

a.      Conscious Container is refilling wine bottles for reuse

d.      Non-profits

                                                         i.      League of Women Voters-no report

                                                       ii.      Produce Good-no report

                                                      iii.      Carton Council-no report

                                                      iv.      Zero Waste San Diego (ZWSD)

1.      Fix-It Clinics

a.      Still actively scheduling; hosting around 2x/month

b.      2/10, Chula Vista

c.       2/24, Rancho San Diego

d.      3/9, Coronado

e.      3/23, Encinitas at Solana Center

2.      Zero Waste Symposium

a.      City Councilmember and State Senator will be attending

b.      Discounts are available for students and non-profits

c.       Los Angeles County libraries are acting as lending tool libraries

                                                       v.      Sierra Club

1.      Ron is looking for interesting article topics for the next edition of the High Sierran

2.      Landscapers can trade in their gas powered equipment for electric versions using APCD (Air Pollution Control District) funding  

                                                      vi.      I Love A Clean San Diego


                                                    vii.      Solana Center-no report

                                                   viii.      Goodwill San Diego

1.      Will be at EDCO’s paper shredding events collecting items for donation/reuse

2.      Offered a group tour of Goodwill’s Otay Mesa Location

3.      Goodwill can assist with any electronic waste (e-waste) collection events

5.      Public Comments and Communication

a.      Attendees discussed

                                                         i.      If additional facility tours were available

1.      Reach out to Bob Hill

                                                       ii.      Could there be a potential collaboration on future Earth Day events?

                                                      iii.      Ron Kagan-Planet Flip (app) has been working on writing mobile games


                                                      iv.      How will SB 54 enforce on non-compliant products crossing the border from Mexico into the US?

                                                       v.      Pyrolysis innovation-could this be useful in dealing with the surplus of yard waste?

                                                      vi.      Biochar production through pyrolysis and difficulties with permitting (air quality)

                                                    vii.      Could a biomass facility be converted to produce biochar?  Unknown cost associated with pyrolysis/emissions

6.      Regional Planning issues

a.      Wasting Fee discussion (from Chair)

                                                         i.      A draft proposal has been shared with both the League of Women Voters and the Sierra Club of San Diego for input

                                                       ii.      Wasting Fee has been renamed the “Waste and Toxics Reduction Fee”

                                                      iii.      Chair updated the proposed fee to $1/ton charged to landfilled waste

1.      Would fund educational programs/grants/loans and discussed hiring a specialist to oversee education of residents within the San Diego region

                                                      iv.      A portion of the collected fee could replicate Alameda County’s grants program

                                                       v.      Proposal has not been shared with the Board of Supervisors yet

                                                      vi.      Anticipated final draft ready by the end of the month

                                                    vii.      Chair anticipates discussing the “Waste and Toxics Reduction Fee” proposal during the Zero Waste Symposium on 2/28 during the SB 54 panel

7.      Legislative update

a. AB 2 – Ward – Recycling: solar photovoltaic modules

                               Solar panel EPR.  On or before October 1, 2026, and on or before October 1 each                                     year thereafter, CalRecycle to establish a covered solar PV recycling fee based on the                                          reasonable regulatory costs to administer covered electronic waste recycling.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23.


                               b.  SB 560 – Laird – Solid waste: gas cylinders: stewardship program

                               Gas cylinder EPR.  This bill would establish a stewardship program for gas cylinder                                              products and would authorize producers of those products to establish one more                                   producer stewardship organization for that purpose.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 05/18/23.


                               c.  SB 707 - Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023

                               Textiles EPR.  This bill would enact the Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023,                                   which would require producers, as defined, either individually or through the creation                                     of one or more stewardship organizations, to establish a stewardship program for the                                               collection and recycling of covered textiles.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources as of                                                          07/10/23.


                               d.  AB 234 – Bauer-Kahan – Microparticles

                               e.  AB 347 – Ting - Household product safety: toxic substances

                               f.  AB 660 – Irwin – Food labeling: quality dates, safety dates, and sell by dates

                     g. AB 1290 – Luz Rivas – Product safety: plastic packaging: substances

                     Banning colored PETE (#1) bottles. 

                               h. AB 1347 – Ting – Solid waste: paper waste: proofs of purchase

                               “Skip the Slip.” 

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23.

                               i.  AB 1659 – Gabriel – Sale of small electronic devices: charging devices

                               Universal small electronics receptacle. 

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23

j. SB 54 regulations have been released- SB 54: Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act


8. Roundtable-N/A

9. Adjournment


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