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Jul 5, 2022, 3:59:17 PM7/5/22
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Subject: [ZWUSA] Introduction To Zero Waste Classes, Summer 2022

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Zero Waste USA Summer 2022

Introduction To Zero Waste Classes

4-hour class, $100 per person *
Click date of interest to register.
Gary Liss, 10am-3pm PST, 1 hour break
Thursday, July 7   or   Thursday, July 28
Richard Anthony, 8am-12pm PST
Tuesday, August 9   or   Thursday, September 1

* Invite your friends and associates!
Group discounts available, as well as 2-for-1 scholarships.
No one turned away for lack of funds. Promotional help welcome!
For more information, please use this form to contact the office.

Thank you for your interest in Zero Waste!

# # #

672 Robinson Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472
United States

Janine Kennel Rands

Jul 5, 2022, 6:47:35 PM7/5/22
to Zero Waste Rick Anthony, zw...@googlegroups.com, gree...@googlegroups.com, zerowa...@googlegroups.com
 Hi Rick
  I totally missed the first message - email on this class. just after the first session.
I had been pre-occupied as a volunteer for our local music festival; 
-- then came down w/ Covid .... I'm negative now, but still have the lingering slight cough once in a
  since two? sessions have already been finished, were they recorded and I could catch up?

By now, you've maybe heard that Peter Cron was hired as our new IWMA Ex Director!..... I think his first meeting will be this month.

The big deal on my end is working on code violations - restaurants using Polystyrene foam for take-out. Damn .... makes me upset - especially in SLO, so I'm planning to speak on this at tonite's CC mtg.
The other is the incredible problem at GoodWill Warehouse = the BINS.  the amount of new tagged items is staggering.  I just fail to understand it.
I have a HUGE stack of brand new notebook paper, bags of new crayons, pens, pencils; I've sold more canning jars last year, and now this year - probably going on about $200 worth so far.
- what boggles my mind is GW throwing everything away - I have a fairly large collection of Pampered Chef baking stones I've picked up and listed on marketplace.
-- but plenty of electrical - cut the cords; hardware and small home-remodeling things - you name it - it's there, along with boxes of hand sanitizers, masks, etc. etc.

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Janine Kennel Rands
San Luis Obispo
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