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CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE/ CRRA San Diego Chapter and Zero Waste San Diego Public Meeting



WHEN:  Thursday, April 11, 2024 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm

This meeting will be in-person with the option for virtual attendance

County of San Diego, Department of Public Works

5510 Overland Ave

2nd Floor, Conference Room #241

San Diego, CA 92123


MEETING LINK: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


Phone call in through Teams:

Call +1 619-343-2539 United States, San Diego (Toll) and enter the meeting ID 591 154 284#

Contact: Steve Weihe 858-694-2559


Submit Agenda Items to Chair Rick Anthony and County Staff Steve Weihe 2 weeks prior to the next meeting: and



1.      Welcome and Introductions

2.      Approval, Minutes March 2024

3.      Chair’s Report

4.      Staff Reports

a.      Cities

b.      County

c.       Haulers

d.      Non-Profits

5.      Public Comments and Communication

6.      Regional Planning Issues

a.      Wasting Fee

7.      Legislative Update

8.      Roundtable

9.      Adjournment


WHEN: Thursday, March 14, from 12:00-2:00 p.m.


1.      Welcome and Introductions

a.      Chair

                                                         i.      Ric Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego*

b.      Guests

                                                         i.      Steve Weihe, County of San Diego*

                                                       ii.      Derek Lam, City of San Diego

                                                      iii.      Roland Harpin Jr., City of San Diego

                                                      iv.      Helen Kagan, resident/UCSD

                                                       v.      Stephen Mergener, Zero Waste San Diego*

                                                      vi.      Lotte Phoummavong, Goodwill San Diego

                                                    vii.      Kelsey Corban, Goodwill San Diego

                                                   viii.      Chanelle Carney, I Love A Clean San Diego  

                                                      ix.      Beryl Flom, League of Women Voters

(*attended in-person)

2.      Approval, minutes from February 2024

a.      Approved

3.      Chair’s Report

a.      Zero Waste Symposium was well attended, including by two high schools

                                                         i.      California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) and Californians Against Waste (CAW) discussed pending Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) bills

b.      Saw an increase in smaller groups attending the Symposium this year

c.       National Recycling Congress

                                                         i.      3/4/24-3/5/24

                                                       ii.      Glass Pack Institute was advocating for national bottle bill

d.      Zero Waste Forum-San Francisco

                                                         i.      April 2-6, 2024

e.      International Day of Zero Waste

                                                         i.      March 30, 2024-

f.        Federal recycling bills

                                                         i.      Passed out of the Senate and are headed to the House

                                                       ii.      SB 1189 The Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act-

                                                      iii.      SB 1194 The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act-

4.      Staff reports

a.      City of San Diego

                                                         i.      Large staff response to storms flood debris

1.      Offering free curbside container replacement as well as public roll off dumpster for flood-related debris

a.      Emergency budget approved from Council to help fund

b.      Code Enforcement is performing daily inspections to ensure roll off containers are for flood debris only

2.      Performing door to door outreach for City residents affected

                                                       ii.      Single-Use Plastic Reduction Ordinance-previous exemptions end 3/31/24

                                                      iii.      Received CalRecycle SB 1383 grant funds totaling $3.3 million

1.      Will be used for city-wide marketing campaign around organic waste and door to door outreach

                                                      iv.      Outreach events through I Love A Clean San Diego


                                                       v.      Attendees asked

1.      Could additional signage at supermarkets help sell food that is nearing expiration?

a.      Derek will review and report back at a later meeting

2.      How is the City connecting with residents that cannot be at home?

a.      City is leaving flyers and talking with neighbors

3.      How are abandoned green carts being handled?

a.      Easiest way to address is reporting through Get It Done app

4.      Attendees have noticed an increase in pests (rats/mice), possibly due to increased rain, housing development

b.      County of San Diego

                                                         i.      Site Visits

1.      Actively visiting C&D sites, Tier I/II business (under SB 1383), commercial as well as multi-family residences to assist with recycling and organic waste educational outreach.

a.      Over 150 site visits completed in 2024

                                                       ii.      Waivers

1.      Reviews continue on both organic waste waiver exemptions and self-haul forms for recyclables

2.      Attendees asked about the percentage of C&D deposits that get refunded

a.      Currently, 35-40% of C&D deposits are not refunded as they did not submit in time, did not recycle or did not meet the 65% diversion threshold (partial refund for under 65% recycling rate)

c.       EDCO

                                                         i.      No report

d.      Non-profits

                                                         i.      League of Women Voters (LWV)

                                                       ii.                     Ric spoke to their Policy Committee regarding the Toxics Reduction Fee

1.      No vote occurred; may be brought to a vote at their next meeting (would be a vote to support the Fee concept)

                                                      iii.      Produce Good-no report

                                                      iv.      Carton Council-no report

                                                       v.      Zero Waste San Diego (ZWSD)

1.      Fix-It Clinic

a.      Averaging 40-50 attendees per event

b.      3/23-in Encinitas at the Solana Center-

c.       4 events will be held in April-

                                                      vi.      Sierra Club-no report

                                                    vii.      I Love A Clean San Diego


2.      3/16 Tijuana River Watershed clean up

3.      3/16 Food Recovery Workshop

                                                   viii.      Solana Center-no report

                                                      ix.      Goodwill San Diego-no report

5.      Public Comments and Communication

a.      Attendees discussed

                                                         i.      Any additional info on proposed Otay/border landfill?

1.      County Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) may have additional info Solid Waste Program (

                                                       ii.      Discussed pyrolysis using crab shells in Malaysia

1.      May be a company using pyrolysis in Sorrento Valley to recover metals

                                                      iii.      Chair would like to ensure that caps are connected to bottles, under SB 54

6.      Regional Planning issues

a.      Wasting Fee discussion (from Chair)

                                                         i.      No funding exists for regionwide education and outreach

                                                       ii.      Current fee is $0.02/ton of waste disposed

                                                      iii.      Need to increase this for a regionwide educational effort

                                                      iv.      Proposes a $1/ton fee on landfilled waste, which would generate $3.5 million per year

                                                       v.      Would pay for staffing (approximately $500K) with $3 million for grant programs and education and outreach

1.      Chair suggested “Public Works” should manage and operate the fund

                                                      vi.      Per resident impact would be less than $1/year at current disposal rates

                                                    vii.      The League of Women Voters have been informed of the plan

                                                   viii.      The Sierra Club Zero Waste subcommittee has universally endorsed the Fee plan

1.      Headed to the Sierra Club Executive Committee for final endorsement

                                                      ix.      Chair mentioned having a meeting with Rebecca Smith from Supervisor Lawson Reemer’s office

1.      The Supervisor has not taken a stance yet

                                                       x.      Chair anticipates bringing to CAC for a vote next month

7.      Legislative update

a. AB 2 – Ward – Recycling: solar photovoltaic modules

                               Solar panel EPR.  On or before October 1, 2026, and on or before October 1 each                                     year thereafter, CalRecycle to establish a covered solar PV recycling fee based on the                                          reasonable regulatory costs to administer covered electronic waste recycling.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23.


                               b.  SB 560 – Laird – Solid waste: gas cylinders: stewardship program

                               Gas cylinder EPR.  This bill would establish a stewardship program for gas cylinder                                              products and would authorize producers of those products to establish one more                                   producer stewardship organization for that purpose.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 05/18/23.


                               c.  SB 707 - Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023

                               Textiles EPR.  This bill would enact the Responsible Textile Recovery Act of 2023,                                   which would require producers, as defined, either individually or through the creation                                     of one or more stewardship organizations, to establish a stewardship program for the                                               collection and recycling of covered textiles.

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources as of                                                          07/10/23.


                               d.  AB 234 – Bauer-Kahan – Microparticles


                               e.  AB 347 – Ting - Household product safety: toxic substances


                               f.  AB 660 – Irwin – Food labeling: quality dates, safety dates, and sell by dates


                     g. AB 1290 – Luz Rivas – Product safety: plastic packaging: substances

                     Banning colored PETE (#1) bottles. 


                               h. AB 1347 – Ting – Solid waste: paper waste: proofs of purchase

                               “Skip the Slip.” 

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23.


                               i.  AB 1659 – Gabriel – Sale of small electronic devices: charging devices

                               Universal small electronics receptacle. 

                               Now a 2-Year bill. Sitting in Senate Appropriations Committee as of 09/01/23


j. SB 54 regulations have been released- and public comment period is open from 3/8/24 to 4/23/24 SB 54 Plastic Pollution Prevention & Packaging Producer Responsibility Act Regulations (45-Day Comment Period)



8. Roundtable-N/A

        1. Costa Rica supports to adopt the peer reviewed definition on zero waste


9. Adjournment


Richard Anthony
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