Is there any c# ASP.NET code that developers can use?

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Feb 4, 2009, 1:24:03 PM2/4/09
to Zeep Mobile
Hi Everyone.

I have been tasked with attempting to integrate ZEEP into a demo I'm
doing and I was wondering if there was some C# ASP.NET code that I
could reuse or use as a reference. I see some Java, Python and Ruby
example but unfortunately I'm not an expert on those. Searching the
groups hasn't revealed much either.

Appreciate the help.


Feb 9, 2009, 5:48:52 PM2/9/09
to Zeep Mobile
I have got my C# code somewhat working. Here is a link to my blogpost.
If you want to use this code, please note that it is not "production
worthy" but it should get you started.

Simon Wex

Feb 9, 2009, 6:06:08 PM2/9/09
Thanks for sharing your code. I know this will be helpful to a few people.

Cheers, Simon. (Zeep nerd)


Feb 11, 2009, 1:22:11 PM2/11/09
to Zeep Mobile
Hi Simon.

I'm glad to help others get up and running. I have found that some of
the messages are getting lost when I send it to some of our beta

Is there any way to ensure reliability and 100% delivery? The guys
I'm building this sytem for are hoping to get better reliability and
want to get in touch with you to work out some deals. I know you have
some great apps already running on your system and our customer has
volume and timely messaging requirements. We potentially see a good
partnership that will bring a lot of advertising for you. I know I
sound like a marketing guy but I am really a dev who's having fun
building this out. You guys have a great app and the stuff I'm
building is really going to thrive with it. So if you can get in touch
with our customer that would be MOST appreciated.

His name is Chad Porter and his email is
and his cell is 480-773-8354.


On Feb 9, 4:06 pm, Simon Wex <> wrote:
> Thanks for sharing your code. I know this will be helpful to a few people.
> Cheers, Simon. (Zeep nerd)
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