Calling a Python Script from Zest Script

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Jun 29, 2022, 10:32:07 PMJun 29
to OWASP ZAP User Group
Im currently able to use the zest script for my website. However, I need to be able to invoke a python function from a Zest script in order to achieve my goals. 

The flow will be like the following:

1) Zest Script
2) Zest Script invokes Python Scirpt
3) Python Script does work and returns data to Zest script
4) Zest Script continues

Is this possible? Thanks!

Simon Bennetts

Jun 30, 2022, 3:30:51 AMJun 30
to OWASP ZAP User Group

Yes, that should be possible.
Zest can call any standalone scripts registered with ZAP.
If your Python script can be implemented in ZAP (using Jython) then you can call that directly.
If not then implement a simple wrapper script (e.g. using Jython or JavaScript) and then call your Python script from that one.
Make sure you Python script returns there right value and your wrapper script returns the value from that script.


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