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Jun 24, 2022, 3:38:24 PMJun 24
to OWASP ZAP User Group
Hi Simon and Team,
I am currently looking into the automation framework and I can see there is a job for Report.
However, I do not see an option currently to limit or show only specific sites/url in the HTML report..Which currently includes all the urls it proxies...e.g. my site internally calls lot many irrelevant sites (which I am not interested in scanning) and the Report includes all the sites it proxies..
Can you please provide a solution to this?
I basically want to be able to generate a html report of my passive scan with the ability to filter specific sites/url..

The Report Job does not have an option to filter sites whereas the Report generation add on dialog has an option to filter site as seen in the screenshots below :-

Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 1.04.52 AM.png
Automation Framework Job

Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 1.05.06 AM.png
Normal Report Generation..

Jun 24, 2022, 11:53:58 PMJun 24
to OWASP ZAP User Group
Just to clarify a bit...I am looking for a command line option for the above report generation..The UI does show the option to filter site but how can similar thing be achieved via command line because if I use the AF, it does not allow to filter site.

Thanks in advance,
Nishant Shah

Simon Bennetts

Jun 27, 2022, 3:28:40 AMJun 27
to OWASP ZAP User Group
Hiya Nishant,

Have you actually tried using the AF? :)
By default the AF will only passive scan URLs in scope, so the report will only include alerts that are in scope.
So just set your scope to the sites that you want included in your report.


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