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Brandon Sterne

Apr 5, 2024, 8:58:15 PMApr 5
to ZAP User Group

I'm able to successfully invoke ZAP via automation framework using ZAP container on my k8s cluster, e.g.:
/zap/ -silent -cmd -autorun /zap/my-plan.yaml
Found Java version 11.0.22-internal
Available memory: 126773 MB
Using JVM args: -Xmx31693m
Defaulting ZAP install dir to /zap
Job authentication set method = script

However, from the same container, when I try to run the scanner doesn't seem to be able to start, and I get no useful output. It dies so quickly, there's not even a zap.log created:

bash-5.2$ /zap/ -t /zap/config/api-docs.json -f openapi -d
2024-04-06 00:51:55,185 Trigger hook: cli_opts, args: 1
2024-04-06 00:51:55,185 Using port: 58475
2024-04-06 00:51:55,185 Trigger hook: start_zap, args: 2
2024-04-06 00:51:55,185 Starting ZAP
2024-04-06 00:51:55,186 Failed to start ZAP :(

How can I get more information about what is failing? Thanks in advance!


Brandon Sterne

Apr 6, 2024, 1:59:16 AMApr 6
to ZAP User Group
I added some debugging output to the script and now see that ZAP is trying to create some kind of job log:
2024-04-06 05:41:04,211 Trigger hook: start_zap, args: 2
2024-04-06 05:41:04,211 Starting ZAP
Error code: 30
Error message: Read-only file system
File name: zap.out
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/zap/", line 350, in main
    start_zap(port, params)
  File "/zap/", line 108, in _wrap
    return_data = func(*args_list, **kwargs)
  File "/zap/", line 291, in start_zap
    with open('zap.out', "w") as outfile:
OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: 'zap.out'
2024-04-06 05:41:04,212 Failed to start ZAP :(

ZAP doesn't seem to try to do this when invoking it from /zap/ I'll either have to launch the container with a writable script (/zap) folder or modify the location it writes its zap.out log.

Simon Bennetts

Apr 12, 2024, 7:12:55 AMApr 12
to ZAP User Group
Yes, ZAP needs to be able to write to a directory, both for it's logs and the HSQLDB files.
This FAQ explains which directory it will attempt to use by default:
You can specify the directory to use using the "-dir" option:



Brandon Sterne

Apr 18, 2024, 1:43:19 PMApr 18
to ZAP User Group
Thanks very much, Simon. Given I'm trying to invoke this from the /zap/ wrapper, I can confirm that passing:
/zap/ -z "-dir /writable/dir"

Lets me run the scanner successfully. I'm impressed and humbled by your support for this community. Thanks for all you do to support this platform.

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