How to get a report of Passing and Failed Tests in ZAP Active Scan

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Omkar Kumbhar

Sep 7, 2022, 2:49:47 AMSep 7
to OWASP ZAP Developer Group
Hi Team,

I am trying to export ZAP active scan report in json and importing that report into Heimdall. We use Heimdall as our reporting dashboard where we upload reports from different tools and see the results at one place.

However, whenever I upload ZAP active scan json based report in Heimdall, it only shows failed tests (These are the vulnerabilities reported by ZAP tool) but we are expecting that the report should show number of test cases passed vs number of test cases failed.

Is there any way in ZAP where we can export this kind of report? If there is no such report-template available now then is there any plan to develop such report template in future?



Sep 7, 2022, 3:39:01 AMSep 7
to OWASP ZAP Developer Group
Hi Omkar,

The full list of reports available, and what they provide, is here:
The Modern HTML Report with themes and options report does show passing tests as well as failing ones/
If that doesnt work for you then it fairly easy to create your own reports (especially if you rip off existing ones;) :
If you create any that you think other people may find useful then please contribute them back - we can help with the PR etc.


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