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Welcome! This is a mailing list for support on books written by Nicholas C. Zakas. To ask questions for specific books, please use the following abbreviations in your subject line:
  • [understandinges6] - Understanding ECMAScript 6
  • [oopinjs] - Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
  • [projs3e] - Professional JavaScript 3rd Edition
  • [projs2e] - Professional JavaScript 2nd Edition
  • [projs] - Professional JavaScript 1st Edition
  • [hpjs] - High Performance JavaScript
  • [mjs] - Maintainable JavaScript
  • [proajax2e] - Professional Ajax 2nd Edition
  • [proajax] - Professional Ajax
You can also use this list for suggesting new book topics, filing errata, or inquiries about future books. Anything book-related is fair game.

Note: This is not a mailing list for general JavaScript/Ajax questions. Questions not related to a book will be deleted.