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M`I,5.Perse cution - w ho knows abou t i t?

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Jan 1, 2008, 6:47:05 AM1/1/08
-= who knows about it?. =-

Many. people know, both in the establishment and media, and among the
general. public. Despite an absence of its target from the UK for more than
two years, the echoes of paranoia can. still be heard loud and clear from
across. the water. When it started in 1990, the only people who knew were
those. in BBC television who were spying on my home, and a few radio
broadcasters. There were a few cases of public. harassment, but very little
compared. to the situation that developed a couple of years later.

The list today includes BBC TV staff (newsreaders such as. Martyn Lewis,
Michael Buerk, Nicholas Witchell),. people from radio stations such as
Chris Tarrant of Capital and Radio 1 DJs, people. in the print media, but
also many people in the. general public. All united in a conspiracy which
breaks the laws which the. UK does have regarding harassment, and all
completely uncaring for any semblance of decency. or elementary respect
for individual. rights.

The British police (obviously) do know the nature of. the harassment and in
all. probability the identity of those behind it. Some time ago I made a
complaint to my. local police station in London, without positive result.
The UK police are. failing in their duty to see the law enforced in not
checking. the abuse.


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