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Lisa Stroyan

Apr 19, 2024, 10:16:14 AMApr 19
I'm encountering a bug with search in yWriter7 on Windows 11. I was running the released version of 7 and have just installed the beta to confirm the behavior is still there. 

When I search for a word or phrase in a different chapter than is open, it doesn't switch to the containing scene. Regardless of first time or not, the scene list shows the previous chapter and scene list from before the search. The preview pane does display the correct scene with the word highlighted, but when I double click, it opens the incorrectly highlighted scene from the previous chapter.The chapter list only goes to the correct chapter after the second time "Find" is pressed. 

If the correct chapter is already selected, then the scene is selected, previewed and opened correctly.

As an aside (not a problem, just noticing), I thought I remembered the "Find" dialog staying up, but the "Find" dialog disappears behind the main window when I hit "Find." This happens on yWriter 5 too, but I haven't transferred my project back to windows 10 to see if that makes a difference.

The same behavior happens on other wy7 projects, but not yw5 projects (Windows 11). I've created a test version of my project if you want a copy, Simon.

In the example attached, "Darrel" shows up first in "Bugging Out to Mexico". First two screenshots (if they are allowed) are from before and after hitting "Find" the first time. The third, (150) shows the correct behavior after selecting the correct Chapter before searching.


Screenshot (147).png
Screenshot (148).png
Screenshot (150).png
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