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Feb 11, 2023, 5:47:22 PM2/11/23
to yurichev
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My latest blog posts:

2023-Jan-29: [Python][C][C++][For noobs] What is 'continue'

2023-Jan-28: [Python] Simplest possible serialization/marshalling

2023-Jan-27: Public transport glitch. Dedicated to all fans of John Conway's Game of Life. Seen in Kiev.

2023-Jan-26: Weak data typing in MySQL

2023-Jan-26: [Russian][Crypto] Что такое side-channel attack / timing attack

2023-Jan-23: [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part IV

2023-Jan-23: [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part III

2023-Jan-23: [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part II

2023-Jan-23: [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part I

2023-Jan-22: [Crypto] RSA blinding

2023-Jan-05: [Crypto][Python] Padding oracle attack: demonstration

2023-Jan-04: [Crypto] PKCS#7 padding

2022-Dec-25: [Pure C][x86][RevEng] Function arguments as local variables

2022-Dec-23: [Math][Python] Trimming backups with logarithmic scale, part II

2022-Dec-21: [Math][Python] Birthday problem

2022-Dec-15: [Украина][Киев][Bash] График отключений напруги

2022-Dec-11: [Unix] Comparing CPU features with the help of cut/tr/diff/grep commands

2022-Dec-08: [Pure C] Manual inlining

2022-Dec-06: [Украина] Лайфхак для работающих на ноутбуках в ТЦ и прочих кабаках

2022-Dec-02: [Russian][Math] Проблема 2000 и модульная арифметика

2022-Dec-01: [Crypto] Ethereum keystore - what is in it?

2022-Nov-30: [Crypto] Fuzzy password

2022-Nov-26: [Pure C] Clang is better than GCC

2022-Nov-20: [Python] Wordclouds for your book library

2022-Nov-14: [Unix] Logging your work using suckless dwm

2022-Nov-13: [Math][RevEng] Boolean algebra for noobs: stack alignment

2022-Nov-12: Yet another self-referential joke about loser

2022-Nov-09: [Math] Boolean algebra for noobs: easy exercise

2022-Nov-09: Learn reverse engineering: but where to start?

2022-Nov-07: CPU vs (GP)GPU: the difference

2022-Oct-23: VPN from Windows to Linux: WireGuard working example

2022-Oct-23: [Logic] Formal fallacy for programmers

2022-Oct-23: [Math][Python] Mixed radix, part II

2022-Oct-23: Wget patch: limit-size

2022-Oct-15: [Math][Python] Cartesian product by example
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