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(A/N: Well, it's been quite a while, admittedly. Heh, sorry, but I had
a lot of Writer's Block. I mean... damn. But Yukari's chapter is being
redone entirely. I asked whose chapter to do in the IRC Channel, and
it was 2-0 for Tewi, so here we go.)

Patchouli looked at the crowd, which looked a bit larger then before.
Most of the clan was here, ready listen to her story. She was happy,
but a bit nervous at the same time. Though she was happy that no one
attacked her for not liking the story. "Patchouli... is sorry that
Patchouli took so long... Patchouli got mister sick-sick... Patchouli
is well, now... There are two more. Tewi and Yukari. Please...

Patchouli cringed as the various yukkuri began to cry out 'Tewi' or
'Yukari'. There were a great many votes for both sides, but Tewi was
the clear winner. "Take it easy... take it easy!" Patchouli cried out,
causing the crowd to stop. "Tewi it is."

Dosu Reimu looked on from a distance and smiled, she was a bit excited
to hear how it continued as well. She looked at Patchouli, who looked
a bit tired tonight, and frowned... was she okay? ... She'd have to
see later on.

Easy-A-Live: Tewi Chapter

We switch locations to a small clan, about a hundred miles away. 40 or
50 families in the clan, no more than 50, no less than 40. Unlike a
lot of clans, however, there seemed to be more variety of yukkuri
around. From the common Reimu and Marisa duo, to semi-rare Sanae and
Kogasa roaming about. There were a lot of trees about, though a lot of
them in a certain area were cut down.

"Tewi!" A yukkuri cried out. A small yukkuri, bodied, looked into a
hole, a grin on her face. Dangling from the tree above, was a berry,
hanging from a wire. The yukkuri trapped in the hole was a Marisa, who
was looking pissed off right now. "Get Marisa out of uneasy mister
hole, now, ze!"

"Why? The moment I let you out, you'll just try to kill me." Tewi
said, looking down. She untied the berry, and looked at it. "But...
you know what? I'll cut a deal with you. Drop the stick, and I might
help you out." Marisa glared, but did so. Tewi smirked as she grabbed
the Marisa. To Marisa's credit, she did last a long time before giving
into her rage.

"Marisa will kill un-" Marisa started, but she saw the berry in front
of her.

"Here. Take it, it's free. I'm sorry for trapping you in a hole." Tewi
said, a little bored... but Marisa couldn't tell, though she did look
suspicious. Hunger won out over suspicion, and Marisa took, and ate
the berry. Almost immediately, something was wrong.

"M-Marisa's... mister... tummy..." Marisa groaned, as she began to
look around. Tewi didn't wait to stick around, she was already gone,
laughing all the way. "Uneasy... Tewi..." Marisa ran off into the
distance, to expel some bean paste.


Tewi smirked as she went back into her little home. She moved in
strange directions near the entrance, before finally being able to get
in. She felt good about herself, that's what's important right now.
"Some people... Not my fault they keep accepting this stuff..." Tewi
smirked as she began to eat a couple of berries. After she got full
enough, she laid down, and went to sleep, tomorrow would be a good
day, too... right?

The night passed by quickly, until...

"Mari wants everyone! Mari wants everyone!" Tewi groaned as she opened
her eyes. She looked to the door and saw a young Sanae, who looked a
bit panicked. "Mari wants Tewi for a mister meeting." The yukkuri
bounced away, and Tewi sighed in relief. She didn't set off any of the
traps. It would be awkward to explain those killing one of Mari's

"Urgh... this better not be about how her day was again, or I
swear..." Tewi cursed as she navigated through the safe spots. It took
a couple of minutes, but she was finally surrounded by about 230
yukkuri, koyukkuri included. She looked up and saw a bodied Marisa
with a strange hat. Her hair was yellow, and her clothing was black,
but the hat was a strange purple color.

"Is that everyone?" The Marisa, Mari, asked as she looked through the
crowd with her yellow eyes. A bunch of yukkuri were complaining about
being woken up at such an uneasy time, but a few others were eagerly
awaiting what Mari had to say. "Good. Now, listen up, ze! Remilia said
Remilia saw Marisa... and that Marisa was crush-crushed." A few
yukkuri looked a bit worried at this, and Tewi paled a bit.

'Calm down, there's no way this is the same one I tricked.' Tewi
thought to herself, looking up at Mari, who didn't seem to be looking
at her.

"Can Remilia tell Marisa's clan what Remilia saw, ze?" Mari asked,
stepping aside. A bodied Remilia walked up, a head yukkuri Reimu
following behind her.

"Uu~" Remilia started, thinking of the right words to say. She looked
at the audience and paused, unable to get anything out.

"Reimu and Remilia saw Marisa crushed! And nearby was this really
uneasy mister eye!" Reimu yelled out, shuddering at the memory of
seeing the eye. "Mister Eye-eye was so uneasy, Reimu will never forget

"Marisa got stepped on by some uneasy yukkuri or human!" Remilia spoke
out, finally knowing what to say. "Uneasy thing might becoming here...
Uneasy mister eye... Marisa wasn't easy before taking it easy
forever... Uu~."

'Crap, it was the same one. I didn't mean to end up getting her
killed! Crap... do they know?' Tewi thought to herself, but she didn't
have to say anything, as she wasn't brought up in the conversation to

"Marisa... is sorry for Marisa, ze." Mari said as she walked forward
once more. She took off her hat and held it against her chest. "It is
uneasy when a yukkuri takes it easy forever. Marisa will miss them, as
if they were Marisa's little ones." She put her hat back on, and
looked away. "... If anyone... ANYONE sees an uneasy yukkuri, or
mister... tell Marisa. Do not fight the uneasy thing, ze. If uneasy
yukkuri or mister sees you, run. Marisa's mister clan is small, but
Marisa wouldn't want Marisa to not be easy, and lose mister clan to an
uneasy mister stranger."

Tewi looked on as Mari stepped down. The crowd was already going away,
a few of them looking sad, and a few of them looking annoyed. But the
rest didn't seem to care. Tewi sighed as she went back to her tree as
well. Maybe tomorrow would be better... As she walked back to her den,
she looked over at another den. The one where the now-Late Marisa
lived. She shook her head, not wanting to think about it. Tomorrow
would be a great day, right?

(-The Next Day-)

Tewi sighed as she wandered around the forest, looking for bugs and
berries to last her for the winter time. Tewi shook her head, it
wasn't her fault she died, is what she was thinking to herself. She
smiled as she found some berries, but immediately frowned when she saw
that they appeared to be poisonous. "I'm fine. I will be okay, I just
need to calm down. It wasn't my fault, it had to have been some
human... yeah." Tewi said to herself. However, she heard footsteps
walking towards her.

"Take it easy." A yukkuri said from behind the rabbit girl-like
yukkuri. Tewi whirled around and saw another bodied yukkuri, she had
green hair, and wore a red dress. There were ribbons tied around
various parts of her body, and her eyes were shut. "Hina is Hina."
Hina bowed, expecting a response.

"I'm Tewi, take it easy." Tewi said, looking at the Hina, though she
didn't return the bow. It's not like the Hina would have seen it,
anyway. Hina cut the bow, and looked straight at Tewi, surprising her.

"Hina is sorry if Hina looks uneasy... Hina is looking for Hina's
mister blindfold, can Tewi help Hina?" Hina asked, turning away and
rubbing one of the eyes.

"If I find it, I'll let you know." Tewi said, turning back to look
through the bushes. "Just stick close by, I guess..." And with that
said, Tewi began to look for both food and a blindfold. Hina smiled,
happy about this.


Tewi sighed, it was boring to walk with another yukkuri so calmly. She
looked down and jumped, avoiding a trap hole. She looked back in
anticipation, but was shocked to see the Hina also jumping over it.
"Hina saw mister uneasy hole... whatever shithead put that there is
uneasy. Let us continue." Hina said, and instantly, Tewi's pride
plummeted. A blind person avoided one of her holes.

Instantly, another wave of regret washed over her. She nearly trapped
a blind person in a hole, however, she looked away from Hina, and
began to look around for foodstuffs. Moments later, Tewi heard Hina
scream. She looked back and saw Hina surrounded by a few yukkuri, a
few Reimus and Marisas, with an Alice or two. Tewi grimaced, her first
thought to run... but for some reason, she couldn't. She couldn't
leave behind a blind yukkuri, not to this.

"What is an Uneasy Shitty Yukkuri doing on the Great Marisa's land,
ze!?" The head Marisa of the group demanded, looking just about ready
to kill the Hina. Hina bowed, a bit intimidated by this.

"Hina is sorry... Hina didn't mean to intrude on Marisa's land." Hina
said, not looking at the Marisa. Tewi rushed in and jumped on one of
the Alices, crushing it and allowing her access into the circle. "Te-

"Don't let people like this push you around... they're just scum that
live around here, picking on yukkuri for no reason." Tewi spat,
glaring at the leader, who simply laughed.

"Marisa? Scum? The Great Marisa isn't scum. Besides, like Tewi can
talk about that when Tewi is not much better." The Marisa said,
prompting the others to begin laughing as well. "At least The Great
Marisa didn't have a clan member killed by her own 'prank'." Hina
looked at Tewi, who was now fuming with rage.

"T-Tewi did what?" Hina asked, surprised. Her eyes didn't open,
though. The Great Marisa simply laughed as she motioned to the yukkuri
around them. Tewi quickly kicked an Alice away as it jumped at Hina.

"Watch out, there's a bunch of them everywhere." Tewi said, the other
yukkuri rushing on the two. Tewi closed her eyes. 'This is it...
killed by a bunch of scum... what irony.' Her thoughts were
interrupted by a cry.


Tewi looked up and saw the yukkuri that were charging towards them all
on the floor, each one of them knocked out. The Great Marisa had a
stunned look on her face, and Hina looked as if she wasn't even
touched. "Wh-wha?" Tewi questioned, surprised. Hina said nothing as
she bowed.

"Please... don't do that again. Hina won't hold back twice." Hina said
as she walked around the 'Great' Marisa.

"Uneasy, ze... Uneasy, ze!" The Marisa muttered as she looked at Tewi.
"Uneasy... mizder... eye..." Tewi listened to the words, and looked up
at Hina, who was walking away.

"Hina!" Tewi yelled to the retreating yukkuri. Hina stopped and turned
around, a smile gracing her face. Now, there was something that Tewi
didn't notice before. Chocolate filling was now spilling out of her
left eye. "... Is your eye okay?" Hina's smile dropped fast, hearing

"... Hina's eye... is uneasy. But Hina's mister blindfold will help."
Hina said, turning around, but Tewi rushed over.

"Can I see it?" Hina turned towards Tewi, a strangely calm smile on
her face. "Wh-what's with that smile?" Hina's left eye opened, and
Tewi would see something she'd never forget. The sclera of Hina's left
eye was black, and looked as if it was dried out, or peeling, and her
iris and pupil were both white. Tewi backed up, shocked by this.

"This is Hina's uneasy mister eye. Mister eye hurts so much... can
Hina close it?" Hina asked, filling dripping out of her eye. Tewi
nodded, not even sure what to say. "... Tewi hates Hina... doesn't

"... How did you beat those yukkuri? There was so many of them..."
Tewi quickly replied, trying to change the topic. 'Creepy eye... hey,
wait a minute...'

"Hina gives out mister misfortune. Hina can't help it... Hina is such
an uneasy yukkuri." Hina mumbled, getting ready to cry. Tewi felt a
little bad now.

"Err... it's okay... you're not that... uneasy." Tewi stated, patting
the Hina on her back. The misfortune-giving yukkuri looked up and
hugged Tewi.

"Tewi is the first yukkuri to say that!" Hina said, clinging on to the
rabbit, who was trying to get her off.

"Whoa... y-you're going to make me f-fall!" Tewi said as she fell to
the ground. Hina let go in time, but Tewi hit a rock, cutting her arm.
Crumbs of carrot cake fell out, and Hina began to panic a little bit.

"Is Tewi easy?" Hina asked, afraid to get any closer. Tewi groaned,
but got up anyway. Her arm was in pain, but she still had to get back
to Mari.

"I'm okay... listen, I have to get going... I'm sorry, but it's
getting late, and I have to get back to the clan." Tewi said, looking
away. Hina looked a bit confused. "If you're still around... See you
tomorrow?" Hina smiled.

"Hina would like that. Hina would like that very much." Hina said,
watching as Tewi ran away. She smiled as she touched the spot where
there used to be an eye before beginning to walk in the same direction
that Tewi ran.


Mari nodded as she looked at Tewi. "So... Tewi found a Hina... who is
missing a blindfold... with uneasy eyes, ze?" Mari asked, looking at
Tewi, curiously.

"Yeah... started bleeding, too. She saved my life, though... stopped a
bunch of scum from killing the two of us." Tewi said, looking outside.
"She the one?"

"Marisa does not know if uneasy Hina is mister murderer, ze." Mari
stated as she pulled a cloth out of one of her pockets. Tewi looks at
it and sighs, there was stale chocolate on the cloth. "But if mister
cloth was there... then Hina was the uneasy murderer. Quickly, where
is Hina? The clan will make Uneasy Hina take it easy... forever, ze."

"Err..." Tewi stuttered, trying to remember. "... I don't know,
actually. She could have left... or something." Mari's expression
hardened as she got up. "Where are you going?" Mari shoved her out of
the way and left the tree. "... Mari?"

Tewi walked outside and saw Mari walking towards the speech stands,
she followed behind, feeling a bit tired. 'No way she's not calling a
meeting now.' Tewi thought to herself as she managed to find a seat on
one of the many trees that were cut down. Mari looked at her and

"So... Tewi followed Mari... good, Mari was about to call a mister
meeting. Just wait, ze." Mari smiled, which Tewi simply just sighed
at. She already knew what was going to be said. Well, it's not like
she really knew that Hina.

After a few minutes, the entire clan had gathered together. Tewi
looked around, but Mari quickly called their attention. "Attention!
Marisa has discovered who made Marisa take it easy forever, ze!" Mari
exclaimed, and immediately, Tewi stood up.

"Hold it, I was the one who found her." Tewi snorted, not exactly
pleased with Mari trying to take all of the credit. Mari didn't even
acknowledge her.

"Marisa saw an uneasy Hina around the clan! Uneasy Hina had one mister
eye, and the most uneasy mister eye Marisa has ever seen!" Mari
exclaimed. The crowd of yukkuri began to all mutter amongst

"Uneasy Hina is going to die!"

"Why did Uneasy Hina do this?"

"Reimu is gonna make uneasy Hina take it easy forever!"

Tewi was a bit pissed off that Mari had taken her credit, however,
things would not get better for her, as Hina had come by. Almost
immediately, Mari had pointed her out. "Uneasy Hina! Catch her, and
bring Uneasy to Marisa, ze! Marisa will give the winner lots of munch-
munch for Uneasy Hina alive!"

"Wha!?" Hina questioned, her eye opening wide to see the massive rush
of yukkuri. She saw Tewi and reached out. "Tewi, help Hina!" Various
yukkuri were tripping or cutting themselves, but a bunch of them
managed to get to her. Tewi looked on as Hina was knocked out by an
Onbashira shot from a Kanako. The group of yukkuri carried the
unconscious Hina back towards Mari, all of them looking determined."

"Zehehe..." Mari chuckled as Hina was brought on stage. "Thank you,
everyone. Now, Marisa will have this yukkuri take it easy... forever!"
Mari raised her hand into the air, only for Hina to catch it. Hina's
eye was open, and bleeding like crazy. Mari screamed as Hina's hand
shot up into the air, and quickly scooped Mari's left eye out of her
head. The yukkuri were stunned to see this.

"Act's up, huh? Pity." Hina stated, but she looked at the eye in her
hand with a bit of anticipation. She heard the yukkuri come towards
her, but she just let out more misfortune, causing the various yukkuri
to collide into each other, trip and fall or just somehow hurt

"Wha-What? What just happened?" Tewi questioned, glaring at Hina, who
was busy putting Mari's eye in the empty socket in her head. It took
seconds, but the eye went in. Thanks to the magical healing, she was
able to see through it. "So, you killed Marisa?" Hina chuckled as she
looked at Tewi with her new eye.

"Yeah. I did it. So?" Hina asked, shutting her bleeding eye. "I
couldn't take the pain anymore, these eyes... they were terrible. You
see, I was-" Hina quickly dodged to the side, barely dodging a strike
from Mari, who was grasping at the newly-made hole in her head, black
bean paste falling to the ground.

"Marisa... won't let... murderer hurt clan, ze." Mari said, glaring at
Hina with all of the hatred she could muster. Hina looked impressed,
even with her damaged eye bleeding.

"I'm surprised... you've resisted the effects of my misfortune." Hina
remarked, her impressed face shifting to an amused one. "But as I was
saying..." Hina dodged another attack from Mari, who had tripped over
a tree stump, and hit the ground, tearing her eye-wound even more.

"Mari!" Tewi yelled, but Hina kicked her back, knocking her to the
ground. Tewi tried to get up, but Hina stomped on her, holding her in

"I was a product of an experiment, conducted by a human named Malikai,
I was codenamed: Maeri. He was trying to improve the senses of
yukkuri. Why? I don't know, but all I know is that he was trying to
make us be able to hear and see better." Hina said, looking back at
the crowd of yukkuri. They were mostly unconscious, thanks to various
'accidents'. Only thing that'd make this worse is if either a non-
friendly Remilia, Flandre or Human were to come in. "However... I was
one of the failures. My hearing got better, but my sight... my eyes...
they mutated extensively, causing them to dry out into paste core-like

"Wh-why should I c-care?" Tewi groaned, but reinforced pressure caused
her to groan in pain.

"I've already won. You're the only one who could even get past my
misfortune, and you're here... about to die. Might as well tell this
to someone, and you're the best person to tell... after all, you were
the one who believed me." Maeri stated, a cocky smile on her face.
However, at that time, something went wrong. Her new eye began to
change, and she was aware of it. "Wh-wha? No... this is a failure,

Tewi got out of Maeri's hold as she saw filling leave the new eye. It
wasn't chocolate, but black bean paste mixed with chocolate. "Gah! Get
it out, get it out!" Tewi, being a dirty fighter, took this as a
chance to smash her in the face, knocking her back. Maeri stumbled
back and tripped over a tree stump. Maeri, as she got up, looked
pissed. Her 'new eye', was leaking out of her head, only traces of the
eye remaining. Tewi nearly threw up at seeing this.

"You know... I was in such a good mood, too." Maeri stated blankly as
she began to walk towards Tewi, who was backing away slowly. "I had my
eye, maybe a friend... I would have had a lot more to look forward
to... but no. The eye was a dud, just like all of the others, and you?
You're not a friend." Tewi took her talking as a chance to strike, but
the Hina caught her attack and threw her into her home. "Now, Tewi.
Prepare to take it easy forever!"

Tewi was lucky, she always has been. She was very lucky to have dodged
the wires and traps that protected her house from being stolen.
Maeri? ... She didn't have the same luck as Tewi. She rushed in and
quickly was cut through by the strings. "Wha-?" Maeri gasped as her
head hit the ground. The moment it did, she was dead. Tewi looked on
in fear, but also in amazement. Her traps actually helped her out.

"... That was close." Tewi said as she got up, looking at the remains
of the Hina. "I feel... tired." She moved to disarm the traps, but she
fell to the floor, exhausted by both the worry and exhaustion of the


Tewi groaned as she woke up. She was blinded by the morning sun, but
she did see a few figures nearby. One of which was Mari, who was
wearing Maeri's blindfold, which had been washed, over her now-lost
eye. "What happened?" Tewi mumbled, her head pounding.

"Tewi made the uneasy Hina take it easy forever, ze." Mari said as she
hugged Tewi. "Marisa is jealous Tewi got to make Uneasy Hina take it
easy forever." Tewi blinked, and a smile formed on her face. "Mari is
sorry for taking Tewi's credit, but... Mari wasn't sure if the clan
would listen to a mister liar." Tewi groaned as she fell back onto the

"Maybe you aren't all that bad."

"Looks like we don't have to worry about those pitfalls anymore."


"Grr... I'm not letting up on my trap making, and pranking. When I
don't have a killer headache, I'm going back to what I used to be...
urgh, so much pain..." Tewi groaned as she got back up. Mari just
stared on, not exactly saying anything, but she did have a smile on
her face. No one else died, but a few of them were fairly injured due
to their unlucky breaks.

"Marisa is going to visit the hurt-hurt clan members." Mari said,
walking towards the exit. Tewi looked at her, expecting to hear
something. No more words were spoken, Mari took her hat off and bowed
for Tewi before leaving.

" ... D-did that just happen?"

(-Elder Patchouli-)

"What does that uneasy side story have to do with the real story?"

"Reimu is getting tired! Finish uneasy mister cliffhanger!"

"Marisa liked it, ze!"

"So did Patchouli..."

Elder Patchouli sighed as she hopped down to the grass. She wasn't in
the mood for listening to this, and that meant going back home.
"Patchouli is tired... Patchouli is going to mister sleep-sleep." And
with that, Elder Patchouli was off, ready to enjoy rest and
relaxation... at least for tonight.

(A/N: Oh god... I don't know what to make of this chapter. And yes,
Mari was going to be the villain for a time. It has sort of the same
thing as the other names. There's a 'Mar' in it, which fits into the
Ma/Me theme for the villain names, but I ultimately chose Hina... why?
Well, it's easier for the newcomer to hide their true intentions over
the one you ultimately were born from.

And I got incredibly tired during the summer, too. I hope this chapter
is okay, though. No questioning who the next scenario is. Yukari's
last... and thankfully so. The last of the heroes chapters will be
coming... hopefully before September. Also, sorry for Hina/Maeri's
fight being so short and... maybe bad. I just couldn't imagine anyone
being able to fight a Hina very well... And yes, the reason Tewi won
was because she had her own luck powers... good luck. Sort of
cancelled Hina's misfortune powers out.

Patchouli- FIN (Villain: Dosu Maremu)
Alice- FIN (Villain: Rapist Alice/Matesi)
Tewi- FIN (Villain: Hina/Maeri)
Aya- FIN (Villain: Mesitu (Hatate))
Kanako- FIN (Villain: Marry Emmaust (?))
Rin and Utsuho- FIN (Villain: Yurriku Memu and Priestess Sanae)
Nazrin- FIN (Villain: Dosu Remirya and Mark Emmanuel Reeds)
Yukari- /////Next/////)
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