Anko 1589:[Stairs of wind, path to the sky] Prelude + Chapter 1

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Weaving through the trees.
Between the lightly shaking twigs and leaves, a little black hat
danced through the horizon in the sky blue canvas.

"YUNNYAAAA!!! WAICHH!! WAICCHH!!! Mawisha's precious hadddddd!!!!"

A ko-Marisa about the size of a small rubber ball that hasn't yet
sworn off the baby-talk chased after the hat. The hat was probably
taken by the wind. Jumping with all the strength in her body,
bouncing through the grass continuously. But no matter what she did,
ko-Marisa's hat would not fall to the ground. Like an unbridled
broken kite that has been freed forever to swim in the sky. The
desperately tired Ko-Marisa could only stare at the rapidly
disappearing hat.

"What's the matter, little one?"

A voice called out to the screaming little ko-Marisa from behind her.
Turning around, a soccer-ball sized adult Marisa was standing there.
A brilliant head of golden hair that gently tussled in the wind,
staring intently at the little ko-Marisa.


Bouncing on the grass with a boing-boing towards the larger Marisa.

A parent and child. Mother Marisa gently licked ko-Marisa's tears

"Little one. what happened? Slowly tell mommy easy?"
"Yuguu.... M.. Marisa's mishder hadd.... was being mean and....

Father Marisa turned her gaze towards the sky. At that height, forget
about the koyukkuri retrieving her hat, it's impossible even for
father Marisa. For a yukkuri, ribbons, hats, barrettes, their hats
are the most important things after their own lives. Those yukkuris
that lose their accessories will be labeled as "not-easy yukkuris" and
will be hounded for their life.

Father Marisa then gently rub-rubbed and spoke with a gentle warm

"It's ok, little one."
"Mister hat will for sure at some point slow and fall down. When the
mister 'wind' stops blowing, then maybe even little one could catch
mister hat once again?"

While it's difficult for the ko-Marisa to understand the deep meaning
behind the logic, what has calmed her down was the gentle tranquil
smile that was on her father's face.

"If little one takes it easy, mister hat will fall down. Because it's
really tiring to stay up there in mister sky all the time!"

And so the two spoke quietly to pass the time. In a little while, the
dancing hat that was floating with the airflow had begun to fall. The
ko-Marisa ran towards the hat with all her might.

Boing~ Boing~

And so having finally reached her goal, the ko-Marisa nimbly picked up
the hat and tossed it on her head, staring at the little hat that came
back with wide watery eyes. Feeling as if the white lace on the side
of her hat was smiling at her, Marisa smiled back.

"E... Eajy~~~!!!!"

Listening to the happy voice from ko-Marisa, father Marisa smiled.
First thing to do upon returning to her father Marisa was to rub-rub.
Happily, father Marisa began to walk with ko-Marisa at her side.

Another breze.

Ko-Marisa's hat tried to escape once again. Quietly, father Marisa
pressed down on the hat, and the ko-Marisa didn't even notice as she
energetically climbed across the grass.

The sight at the end of father Marisa's gaze. A single leaf that was
transported into the sky by the wind, father Marisa followed it with a
jealous look.

"Marisa.... can't fly in the sky."

A yell.

Ko-Marisa bounced before father Marisa, jumping and yelling.

"Yu yu!? Marisha wantsh choo fly in the sky!!! Daddiee!! Do high-

Seeing the smiling face on her little koyukkuri, father Marisa bent
her head down in order to help ko-Marisa up. Putting her head down,
ko-Marisa was able to climb onto father Marisa's hat . After making
sure ko-Marisa was securely in place, father Marisa slowly raised her
head to avoid shaking the hat. The hat became a little bed for ko-
Marisa as she jumped up and down energetically.

"Yu yunn!! Marisha ish fwying in the sky!!!!"
After bouncing up and down on the hat, Ko-Marisa finished off by
jumping off the hat to land on the grass.

"Yu yu...? Ish over already....?"
"Yu.... sorry? Since little one is growing bigger and bigger, it's
becoming harder to keep flying in the sky."
"Yu yu!? Well, then when Marisha becomsh bigger and bigger, Marisha
will do 'high-high' for daddie!"
"Daddie looks forward to it. Daddie will wait easy!"
"Yu yun!!! Undershdood eajy!!"

With an adamant expression on her face, hopping energetically before
father Marisa continuously. Father Marisa understood easy. It
becomes harder and harder to fly in the sky as you grow bigger. Above
the rolling grasslands, several birds streaked across the sky.

A Yukkuri isn't something that can fly in the sky. Even then, father
Marisa made a wish.

A wish for wings so she can soar in the sky.


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[Chapter 1: Tyrant]

In the middle of the forest there was a "city".

In that city lived a clever yukkuri that was also a matchless
warrior. The "City's" ruler is named "Reimu". Even though its body
is not as large as the other types of Dosu nor does it have any
stronger abilities, nevertheless this one Reimu type was able to
command a ridiculous amount of yukkuris.

Reimu had once escaped from where the city where the humans lived.
For someone that has survived the turmoil of the city life, these
peaceful yukkuris seemed like complete idiot manjuus to Reimu. Using
her power, it was a very easy task for her to manipulate the clan and
control it. Through single combat, she had defeated the peaceful
leader Reimu that had ruled over the clan.

Beset by an overwhelming amount of violence, the easy slow life of the
yukkuris in the forest suffered a dramatic change. All the yukkuris
that have opposed Reimu have been killed without exception.

Calling herself the "yukkuri that can take it the most easy", she had
allowed the rest of the yukkuris to construct the 'house' that she
wanted to take it easy in. Utilizing the smart patchouli types as
advisors, Reimu put the Chen, Marisa and Youmu types to hard labor.
Using the coordinating abilities of Alice, they had completed a
natural fortress using the caves in the mountains.

Then Reimu announced the plans to construct the "city". In order to
do this, the amount of time and labor required would be tremendous.
During the construction the number of yukkuris that had taken it easy
forever are over 100 or 200. In other words, Reimu ruled over these
yukkruis with an iron fist.

"Mukyuuuu, it's better to not anger Reimu..."
"What is Patchouli saying, ze..... With Reimu munch-munching all the
mister munch-munch we won't be able to take it easy anymore ze...."
"Shhhh... 'mister soldiers' will hear us..."

Picking up the food to put it into a grass basket almost filled to the
brim, Patchouli and Marisa began to move towards the city. A yukkuri

Reimu does not hunt.

Using the yukkuris in the forest to hunt and thus obtaining food, it's
a well known fact that the Reimu types living in the forest have
trouble gathering food. But on the flip side, they can be said to
better able to handle hardship and exertion than the other types of

"Coming to give Reimu-sama's mister food? Miyon."

At the entrance to the city are those "soldiers" directly under
Reimu's command, Youmu types. Staring intently at both Marisa and

Reimu is a very cautious yukkuri. A technique of survival that she
had picked up while living in the city. With the slightest suspicion
of something possibly amiss, Reimu would give orders to the soldiers
to kill the suspect. Same thing goes for any soldiers caught being
lazy. For the soldiers that work in the city, they're probably
working just as hard in order to survive.

"Reimu-sama and the little ones are hungry so hurry up and bring
mister food in. Miyon."

Inching their foot like worms, Marisa and Patchouli entered the

Because the city is very dark, Patchouli and Marisa had to move
cautiously through the cave in order to avoid tripping over the
rocks. The cool moist air enveloped the two yukkuris. Moving in
further and further, their faces became covered by a cold sweat. The
destination they are moving towards was the only place that was
illuminated through the cracks in the cave.

"Eajy..... eajy...."

From somewhere, koyukkuri sounds could be heard. The acoustics in the
cavern only served to enhance the echo, the gnawing sounds of some
yukkuris' teeth grew stronger and stronger.

"Mister munch-munch is here?"

An especially forceful and cold greeting.

At that moment, the two yukkuris froze in place as their hearts
skipped a beat. Over there, sitting casually by herself, is the ruler
of the forest: Reimu. There are many little scars on her face. The
evidence that Reimu had been through hell and back many times.
Inching towards the two using her foot, Reimu advanced towards the two

"We... brought.... mister food easy...."

Marisa put the grass basket she was holding in her mouth down, and
Patchouli did the same. Reimu had no expressions on her face, only
staring into the basket with the food.

"That's it?"
"Marisa and Patchouli only brought this much? Are you stupid? ....
want to die?"

A tired old set of threats that have an entirely different meaning
coming out of Reimu's mouth.

"S... Sorry!!!! Everyone's tummy is already empty, and can't take it
easy, and..."

Reimu swift swung her braid, which landed squarely on Marisa's left

Marisa's left cheek immediately became swollen. An unbelievable
stinging pain greeted Marisa. Keep repeating "Marisa is sorry" as if
her life depended on it, Reimu let out a sigh.

"Everyone's tummy is empty too, what should Reimu do....? If there's
only this much mister food then it is not enough, so understand
"Understood!!! Understood easy!!!! This is not enough!!! Zorrryyyy!!!"

".... so Marisa and Patchouli understood easy. So Reimu's cute-cute
little ones, don't take it easy and come out."

"Eajyyyyy~~~♪" x 108

Surrounding the screaming Patchouli and Marisa were one hundred and
eight little baby Reimus. The baby stared intently at the food inside
the basket, drool dripping to the floor with a wet "dap-dap" sound.

"Now, little ones. Munch-munch mister-food easy!"

"Undershdood eajy~!!" x 108

Moving forward like a synchronized wave, the koyukkuris all had only
one target. Shoving their heads into the food and bumping each other
out of the way, the two adult yukkuris in the wave of koyukkuris were
shoved out of the way. The gluttonous feeding from the koyukkuris
were a disgusting sight.

"Myunch, Myunch~!!! Happinesss~!!!"
"Sho good!!! Thish shit's sho good!!!!"

Reimu watched with a smile, standing watch over the koyukkuris while
they smacked their lips with a wet gooey sound. A sharp glare
stabbed into Marisa and Patchouli.

"What is Marisa and Patchouli looking at? Reimu hasn't munch-munched
on mister food yet? "
"Well... that's..."
"Because Reimu is a kind and gentle yukkuri, Reimu will allow Maris
and Patchouli to take out all the stored mister munch-munch before
Reimu forces a search on the easy places. So go back and bring the
mister munch-munch here."
"B... But..."
"Don't take it easy and hurry up and bring mister munch-munch back!!!

To the forest yukkuris, Reimu's puff-puff is a terrifying sight.
Pissing herself as they ran, the Marisa and Patchouli pair escaped the
city. Reimu looked at their stumbling figures and laughed.

"Now, little ones. Now that little ones have munch-munched easy,
let's go ahead and sleep-sleep."
"Shleep-shleep time~"

With the slow breathing mixed with the little short breaths from the
koyukkuri, other sounds of crying and despair were mixed into the
annoying hissing coming from Reimu and her koyukkuris. Other types of
koyukkuris were crying in the dark, koyukkuris of every type. Marisa,
Alice, PAtchouli, Chen, Miyon... all different kinds.

"Marisha also wantsh choo myunch-myunch..."
"Chen doeshn't ged it... .doeshn't ged it..."

The food is first fed to the ko-Reimus. All the other koyukkruis get
the leftovers. Of course, there's nowhere near enough food to satisfy
the rest of the koyukkuris.

In the city, every single koyukkuri is considered to be Reimu's
koyukkuri. Most of the yukkuris in the clan were forced to have
koyukkuris through rape.

The pregnant yukkuris will be imprisoned within the city. After
giving birth, they will immediately be "punished". On top of that,
Reimu spoils the ko-Reimu types, and as a result all of the other
types are bullied to the extreme.

In the city, the yukkuris that have been mothers will have felt the
longing feeling for their children. The koyukkuris were hostages to
Reimu, kept to control the rest of the clan. Even if the "hostage"
dies in the process, Reimu only has to get more from other yukkuris.

Using her incredibly strong fighting abilities as well as using the
koyukkuris from the clan as meat-shields, Reimu was able to cement her
rule over the clan. Once, more than ten adult yukkuris formed an
assassination squad and started a fight with Reimu, but not only were
they unsuccessful but they were all killed as well.

After this, all of the yukkuris that have caused uprisings will have
their koyukkuris killed with no exceptions. Before sentencing the
renegades to death, they are also humiliated.

There is nobody who could oppose Reimu's existence.


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A thin veil of light entered the nest. From the outside the chirping
of birds could be heard. A beautiful morning.

"Take it easy!"

The one that woke up first, father Marisa, greeted the morning

"Take it easy!"
"Chake id eajy!"

Alice, the one that answered first, still has her eyes closed. The
second one that responded is ko-Marisa. The yukkuri's day is about to

Slowly crawling around their nest to begin preparing the breakfast was
Alice. She took the little bit of remaining pieces of food from the
leaves covering it and put it in her mouth for transport. A depressed
expression floated to the family's faces.

The amount of food that was on the leaf-plates were nowhere near
enough for a family of yukkuris. With the encouragement from father
Marisa and mother Alice, ko-Marisa took the dry weeds and tree bark
into her mouth and chewed.

"Myunch... myunch.... well..."

The tasty mister bugs must be offered to Reimu. Anything that would
elicit a "happiness" must be presented as well. The same goes for
koyukkuris and adults, and both Maris and Alice made the same sounds
as Ko-Marisa.

"Munch... Munch.... well..."

A Yukkuri's sense of taste is much stronger than the other types of
omnivores in the wilds, to the degree of being spoiled. Even though
anything that they put into their mouths will be turned into bean
paste, this is something no yukkuris have ever noticed. If they
ignore the taste of the food, it is possible to survive from eating
anything. This is to prolong their life against the myriad of threats
that would shorten their lifespan. Because of the incredibly weak
existence the yukkuris have, they have a second nickname of "the
moving death flag".

"Yuyu!! Marisa is going to go hunt for mister munch-munch!"
"Daddie! Mawisha will work hard choo!"

The crying ko-Marisa that had chased after her hat after it was stolen
by the wind. She originally had sisters, but they had taken it easy
forever for one reason or another. But she doesn't think about them
too much. The time she had spent with her sisters were too short.

"Little one needs to stay put. Come look after our easy place with
mommy Alice."
"Whyyyyy!? Mawisha can hunt for misder myunch-myunch choo!! PUFF!!"
"No no. When daddie is out hunting, it's mommy's job to protect
little one."

Alice gently chastised the puffing little Marisa. But the koyukkuri
doesn't seem to be agreeing with her. Marisa thinks the only way she
can get approval from others is by learning to hunt. To the two month
old little ko-Marisa, there's nothing more important than that. Alice
rubbed her face up to the still young ko-Marisa with her gentle warm

"Little one, won't little one protect mommy? If the really strong,
really easy little one can protect mommy... mommy will be really
"Yu.... Yuyu..... w... well if that'sh the case then Mawisha can'ch
help id! Mawisha will protect mwommie!"

Proudly puffing up, little ko-Marisa. Seeing the koyukkuri's
expression, both father Marisa and mother Alice giggled with ease.

Father Marisa bounced towards the nest's entrance, the gaze of little
ko-Marisa burning into the back of her figure.

"Little one! Take care of mommy Alice while daddy's gone!"
"Undershdood eajy!!"

Nodding at the energetic reply from her little koyukkuri that was
filled with confidence and confidence, father Marisa nodded
approvingly and hopped out towards the forest.

"Yu.... going to be late easy...."

The goal of today wasn't to go hunting.

Today's the meeting date for the yukkuris in the clan that secretly
opposed Reimu. The exhaustion of the clan grew every day, and there
are limits to nature's gifts as well. The cause of the fatigue is
Reimu's limitless greed, the greed that had caused many yukkuris
unable to take it easy. So here, they have met up in secret in order
to discuss how to defeat Reimu.

There's no way they could defeat Reimu with a frontal assault. Even
if every single yukkuri participated in a frontal assault, it is
unknown whether they could defeat Reimu. The city's entrances are
also very narrow, adding to the difficulty of the assault.

On top of that, there are a lot of soldiers stationed around the
city. If there are yukkuris showing any suspicious activities around
the city, they would immediately be captured and executed.

"Yu.... Reimu.... can't.... take it .... anymore...."

In the nest that gathered the yukkuris, this particular Reimu made the
first comment for the meeting.

The hair was ripped out, the face filled with wounds. The most
important ribbon was ripped and torn in many places as well. Just
another Reimu that had suffered greatly under the rule of the tyrant.
Thanks to the tyrant, Reimu could no longer make friends or meet
lovers, and she spends every day alone in her nest.

The Tyrant Reimu is a cancer on the whole entire clan.

"Mukyuuu.... Patchouli would like everyone to look at this today...."

Saying that, Patchouli produced a single red pepper. Seeing it for
the very first time, the yukkuris all rested their eyes on the little
pepper. But no matter how they looked at it, it was just a mister
plant. None of them had thought about how they would defeat Reimu
using this little thing.

"Well... what to do with this?"
"With just this we can't defeat Reimu..."
"... not very city sect..."
"... don't get it..."

Each individual yukkuri were deep in thought, poking at the red
pepper. Patchouli opened her mouth to speak up again.

"What is going on, ze!?"

The angry growl from the soldier Marisa immediately masked Patchouli's
ongoing explanations. The faces from the meeting turned pale at the
sight, and began shaking in fear. Casually, the soldier Marisa
waltzed into the nest. Soldier Marisa's gaze landed on the lonely hot
pepper that sat in the middle of the group.

"What is this, ze?"

Marisa asked.

".... would Marisa please enjoy it? Mister job must be very tiring
after all...?"

A calm reply from the leading Patchouli. The soldier Marisa gloated
and strutted towards the red pepper, sorting out of her nostrils.
Marisa picked up the red pepper and plopped it in her mouth, lowering
her voice as much as possible as she spoke.

"The trash yukkuris that hid the easy munch-munch from Reimu-sama will
be punished accordingly!! That's what Marisa will say!! Gera-gera-

Laughing to herself with no heed to the concerned looking yukkuris
surrounding her, she crushed the red pepper in her mouth as she spoke.


Almost immediately, Soldier Marisa's eyes bulged like they were going
to pop out of her body, her face turned bright red and she threw up a
huge mouthful of bean paste. Her tears flowed like a river, her
eyeballs twirled unnaturally while she continued throwing up bean
paste. In a short while, the soldier Marisa that had lost all her
filling took it easy forever. The yukkuris had their mouths open in
shock, but no words would come out.

"W.... what just happened...?"
"Mukyuuu.... this is a very powerful 'poison'..."
"... 'poison'....?"

The words came unanimously out of the yukkuri's mouths, and they
returned their gaze to the red pepper.

"When Patchouli was a little one... Patchouli's little sister munch-
munched on this and took it easy forever. So if Reimu munch-munch on
this, then Reimu can take it easy forever too."
"W... What city-sectness!!! Patchouli!!! Patchouli is the most city-
sect yukkuri!!"
"Chen gets it!!! So awesome!!"
"However... there's just one problem."

Contrast to the excited voices coming from the yukkuris, Patchouli's
was unexpectedly gloomy. Patchouli glanced at the yukkuris with a
piercing look.

"If Reimu finds out about this... the yukkuri that will try to get
Reimu eat the hot pepper... the yukkuri that will make Reimu take it
easy forever..."

Patchouli's one sentence had revealed the flaw.

After all, they are talking about the Reimu that had built the city,
is protected by the soldiers, and controls the whole entire clan.
There's a high possibility that Reimu knows about the existence of the
hot pepper. The Yukkuris glanced at each other nervously. There are
no brave souls that would be willing to carry out this dangerous
mission. The yukkuris gathered at the meeting contemplated deeply.

"Marisa will do it."

The one that offered was the Marisa that had left ko-Marisa behind,
the one that was late to the meeting. Marisa spared a glance at the
red peppers as the remaining yukkuris looked at her.

"There's nobody else that would go, right? So Marisa will do it.
Leave it to Marisa easy."
"W.... wait. Just like that?"
"Marisa has a little one.... If anything happens to Marisa, little
one would be really sad?...."
"There's no need to be so hasty about this decision....? Think about
it a bit more slowly."
".... but in the meantime, everyone in the village might die off."

Marisa has already made up her mind. The clan's fatigue limit is fast
approaching. They need to act fast. Father Marisa had already lost
two koyukkuris after Reimu's rule.

One died from starvation.

The other was crushed for arguing with a soldier.

Father Marisa wants to put an end to this kind of lifestyle. It is
also the solemn wish of the clan. Looking at the worried glances from
the yukkuris at the meeting, father Marisa smiled.

"Marisa will be fine!"
"M.. Marisa... Marisa should think about it and reconsider..."
"If it's just the little one then it will be fine. Little one is
already a very splendid 'adult'!!"

Patchouli took out a red pepper and gave it to father Marisa. Marisa
took the pepper carefully and stuck it in her hat. The remaining
yukkuris sent father Marisa's slowly disappearing figure away with
their gazes.

".... Marisa... why does Marisa feel the need to be responsible..."
"... hope nothing happens to Marisa..."


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"Marisa is back easy!"
"Welcome back!"

Mother Alice and ko-Marisa warmly greeted father Marisa. Mother Alice
cleaned the dirty spots all over Marisa's face with her tongue.

"Mwommie! Did mwommie bring back lotsh ob mishder myunch-myunch?"

Marisa sadly shook her face. Ko-Marisa pouted slightly without saying
a single word.

"Yuyu! Thatsh why Mawisha shaid Mawisha should go choo..."
"Sorry, little one. But Marisa brought back a present."

Marisa placed a little caterpillar before ko-Marisa. It's still
wriggling, freshly caught. Looking at the long-awaited luxurious
meal, ko-Marisa couldn't help but drool. She quickly glanced between
the wriggling caterpillar and her father Marisa's face.

"I... Ish it ok for Marisha to ead id all...?"
"Of course. That's little one's mister munch-munch!"
"Isn't that great? Little one, be sure to thank daddy by eating it
"Y....yuuuwaaiiii~!! Daddie, shank yuu!!"

A smile covered father Marisa and mother Alice's faces.

Ko-Marisa slightly bit into the caterpillar, the chewy texture
enveloping her teeth and tongue.

"Myunch... myunch..... happinesssss~!!!"

Ko-Marisa's eyes filled with tears of happiness. One of the favorite
foods of the yukkuri, the meal was a long time coming to little
Marisa. After finishing up her meal excitedly, Marisa had calmed down
slightly and looked a little tired. At some point, Marisa curled up
and went to sleep-sleep. Mother Alice smiled and quietly covered up
little Marisa with a leaf blanket before turning to father Marisa.

"So.... how did it go?"
"Yuyu.... Marisa will explain easy."

So Father Marisa told mother Alice about the meeting. Father Marisa's
family is like the rest of the clan, their dissatisfaction and
weariness was reaching a peak.

The plan to defeat Reimu using the red pepper. And the yukkuri
executing the plan being father Marisa. After listening to the summary
of the meeting, mother Alice silently closed her eyes.

".... what a city-sect plan. If it's Alice's beloved Mairsa, Marisa
would for sure be able to defeat Reimu."
"Did Marisa think Alice would object? The very city-sect Alice can
understand anything Marisa is planning."
"... sorry."
"That's not very city-sect. If Marisa apologizes like that....
then... Alice....!!!!"

Beads of tears dribbled down mother Alice's cheeks, and father Marisa
couldn't do anything besides look on quietly. Defeating Reimu is a
dangerous gamble. Failure would mean father Marisa's life would be
forfeit. And Alice and ko-Marisa would be in danger as well. The
most precious ko-Marisa to these two parent yukkuris.

"Alice. Even then.... Marisa must do it."

Mother Alice nodded with a teary eye.

There's a bit of history between father Maris and Reimu.

When Reimu came to the village, father Marisa's mother Marisa was the
leader at the time. Reimu, leading her clan at the time, had declared
war on the rest of the clans. At that time, the power spread was
about 50-50.

But Reimu's stamina won out in the end, the yukkuris grew more
sluggish as the battle raged on. At that time, father Marisa was
about the size of ko-Marisa. As the child of the leader, father
Marisa was eagerly learning many things. But at the time of the
battle, father Marisa couldn't move a single inch. Maybe, at that
time, if father Marisa was able to join the battle.... maybe Reimu
wouldn't be here right now.

The thought had tormented father Marisa every single day and night
with tears of regret. The yukkuris in the clan had said "it's not
little one's fault", but father Marisa had never listened. Not long
after that, Reimu's reign had begun.

Reimu didn't know the leader of the opposing army had a child.

That's the only reason father Marisa is still alive to this day. If
mother Alice had not pulled father Marisa outside on one fateful day,
maybe father Marisa's life would've ended in loneliness in the shadows
of a dark cave.

"Alice understands..... so.... please don't say .... anything...."

Mother Alice rubbed her cheeks against father Marisa, unable to stop
crying. At that time, father Marisa was the little crybaby. At that
time, it was Alice who had reached out to pull Marisa away from the
despair. To bring her away from the sadness of her past.

Her most beloved mother Alice.
The irreplaceable ko-Marisa.
Father Marisa wished them eternal happiness.


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to Yukkuri Fanfic Translations
Phew... that only took forever.

There's a total of 6 chapters and an epilogue; total of about 90
pages. This is roughly 19.

It will be a long translation effort, so bear with me. It usually
takes me about an hour to crank out 3 pages worth, depending on how
difficult the words and sentence structures are. Unfortunately, the
story is very verbose, filled with a lot of descriptions which make
the translation take longer.

So look forward to the next chapter. :)


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Noooooo such a long ass story! That means Justice (if any) won't come
for a while.

GJ keep up the translation~
Reimu must die!


Feb 4, 2011, 3:25:42 AM2/4/11
to Yukkuri Fanfic Translations
This is fucking epic! Freedom fighters, tyrannical ruler... Oh man,
I'm digging this.


Feb 4, 2011, 6:46:49 AM2/4/11
to Yukkuri Fanfic Translations
Great story, looks quite promising, thanks for the translation

Also Harouki don't worry, if the assasination plan fails, there is
always the hope that an heroic may come to save the day!

Well probalby that won't be the case if this story tries to remain
naturalistic, It would be interesting if the story develops like those
stories of "sentient lower creatures" having some conflict or being
oppressed by a tyrant of their own, but at the end, either when hope
is lost or there is a need for some sort of device, human intervention
(intentional or not) saves the day and destroys the reign of the

You know those stories on which the trope of "Humans are Cthulu" is a
key factor, but instead of troublesome or malign, it could be a bening

Of course it would be better if yukkuris could solve their own
problems, but if at the end yukkuris really are unable to do so, i
would at least want "humans are cthulu" styled human intervention or
something, for great justice!
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