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Marshall Masters

Jan 23, 2022, 11:57:19 AMJan 23
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Truth.Social will go live sometime this quarter, and I did a little research on Truth Social and was fascinated by their Open-Source page.

It will run on Mastodon, often referred to as the “Twitter Killer.” It is free, open-source software for popular desktop and handheld devices.  First launched in March 2016, it was so bold and ambitious that and in early 2019, Gab switched to Mastodon’s code.  Impressive.

You can find a wealth of videos and articles about Mastodon vs. Twitter and a new lexicon of terms, and it all essentially boils down to one thing.  A brilliant young geek with a free-flowing supply of caffeine drinks and pizza can build a Twitter-like application in a single day.  After that, it’s anything you can do, I can do better.

Rather than slog through all of that point-by-point, let’s cut to the chase with two obvious questions:  As Mastodon does not, nor ever will, offer advertising or monetization, how will Trump use it to pay the bills?  

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