Why We Fight No. 3 – Are You Done with the Trump Delusion?

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Marshall Masters

Nov 17, 2021, 11:12:54 AM11/17/21
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Some Patriots are discouraged and find it increasingly difficult to “trust the plan.”

For them, hearing General Flynn say “there is no plan” rings true as never before, because "the plan” per se, has turned into a long, slow, feeble walk of disappointments.

Likewise, a growing number of Patriots are watching our military going woke and quietly wonder if Trump and Q are only offering false hope to prevent an open civil war?

Granted, it is encouraging to see Truth Social, mandate push-backs from state governments and Durham’s indictments, but the bigger picture remains.  Our institutions and courts have been captured and are now hopelessly corrupt and constitutionally feckless.

The discouraged see what is actually happening and take a more pragmatic view, which is why they often find themselves trapped in what I call the “Trump Delusion.”   That we can be great again - and again - and again.

Six months ago, it could have worked but now, too much damage has already occurred and more is coming and it is unstoppable.

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