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Jeffrey Posnick

May 9, 2012, 4:57:06 PM5/9/12
to YouTube APIs Announcement Forum,
Hello Folks,

I want to bring up two changes to the reports returned by the YouTube
Insight API

One change that recently took place, and one is planned for next week.
Both changes are related to the information found in this blog post
about Google+ account integration, and I'd recommend reading that blog
post first:

The change that recently took place has to do with the format of the
file names used in the Insight archive. Previously, the file names
would start with the YouTube channel name. Starting recently, the
names of the files in the archive all start with a 22 character user
id, which corresponds to the yt:userId value mentioned in that blog
post. This ensures that a unique identifier will always be used for
the file's prefix even when the report is for a channel that is linked
to a Google+ profile.

The change that's scheduled for next Wednesday, May 16 is the
addition of a new column within each CSV file. The column is called
"Display name", and it appears in reports immediately after the column
called "Channel". "Channel" will always contain the same unique user
id value that is used for the prefix of the file name (corresponding
to yt:userId in the API's responses) and "Display name" will always
contain the publicly-visible name of the channel (corresponding to the
display/yt:display value in the API's responses).

If you have existing code that parses the CSV reports that makes
assumptions about the number of columns or the order in which the
columns appear, please make sure that you're aware of this upcoming
change and adjust your code accordingly.

-Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team | |
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