autocomplete_light vs django2 autocomplete ?

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Nov 15, 2018, 11:01:57 AM11/15/18
to yourlabs

I am using at this time autocomplete_light 2.3.6 on a django 1.11.x project. I am happy with it (except sometime I do not know why the autocomplete return nothing but this is not the subject of this thread). 
I am upgrading the project to use django2, at this time 2.0.x. autocomplete_light 2.3.6 is not compatible with django 2.0.x, so to climb one step after one I forked autocomplete_light to have the compatibility ( and I finally upgraded my project. 

Now I am using Django2. I've read that Django2 have implemented autocomplete.
And because there is a big step between autocomplete_light v2 and v3, I am asking the question : should I use autocomplete from django2 or to upgrade to autocomplete_light v3 ? It looks like django 2 autocomplete has few functionalities, but you know better than me, so I am asking you? What is in autocomplete_light v3 that is not in Django2 autocomplete ? 
Note that my project is using django admin only (+ djangorestframework + reactjs).

Thanks a lot for all your work done on autocomplete_light 

From Toulouse FRANCE
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