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John Robinson

Apr 8, 2020, 12:26:50 PM4/8/20
to All at York Hack Space
Hi all,

I hoped you liked the links I sent last month.

Here is another set of fine animations I have seen at festivals. These
are not children's cartoons.

Animation 102
Animators share a lot of traits with software engineers.  They like
self-referential things, and are as interested in the process as they
are in the product.  Here are some examples of this, and some other fun
shorts.  There's a bit under an hour's running time.  Or more if you want.

Let's start with an Oscar winner:
"Manipulation" (Daniel Greaves, 06:22, 1991)

Some similar ideas in 2D in the fast-paced:
"Animator v Animated" (Alan Becker, 02:01)

A graduation film from Hungary:
"Rabbit and Deer" (Peter Vacz, 16:15, 2013)

[If you like the interplay of two- and three-dimensionality, and have
the time, then watch Daniel Greaves's 'Flatworld', 28:16,

Arcade game parodies, Annecy 2011, Best short film:
"Pixels", (Patrick Jean,  02:35, 2010)

More 'breaking the fourth wall' in:
"Bubbilicous" (Rex the dog), (Geoffroy de Crecy,, 03:15)

And no apologies for repeating this from my last mailing, an award
winning short about the genesis and 'life' of stop-motion characters::
"Stems" (Ainslie Henderson, 02:24) https://vimeo.com/264137664

Two stop-motion shorts made by Aardman, in micro- and mega-scale (and
check out the 'making of's):
'Dot', 01:40, https://vimeo.com/15055444
'Gulp', 01:32, https://vimeo.com/26877221
[For an early scientific display of changes of scale (Charles and Ray
Eames, 09:01, 1976)

Back to 2d for abstract replicated drawings:
"Dota" (Petra Zlonoga, 04:32, 2016) https://vimeo.com/302238151

And this set finishes off with some stop-motion using unusual media:
"Cooking with Wool", (Andrea Love, 00:27 and 00:28)
"Roof sex", Pes, (01:10), Best First Film at Annecy 2002)

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John Robinson

Apr 15, 2020, 7:05:04 AM4/15/20
to All at York Hack Space
Hi all,

There will be a chance for critical review and discussion at today's
online open evening.


A graduation film, a tribute to Jim Henson:
"Overtime"    (Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrie, 04:56, 2004)

John Robinson

Apr 15, 2020, 7:07:34 AM4/15/20
to All at York Hack Space
Hi, sorry I forgot I had already sent this ...
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