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Feb 19, 2023, 5:03:48 PM2/19/23
Good morning/day/evening,

A few of us have had a conversation about the laser cutter extraction system. 
It was suggested back in September that we upgrade it so that it could pull more air through, and not burn holes in the tubing.

Emily has suggested the Manrose MF100S as a replacement blower, as it has multiple speeds, and is not ridiculously loud or expensive.
One place we can get it from, for about £45 is here (with £7.50 for postage extra):

We also looked at piping, as the existing pipes tend to get holes in them over time due to sparks and general wear and tear.
Also, a collapsible pipe is almost always worse for airflow than a solid, smooth one.
A couple of options could be to use are:
Aluminium flexible ducts:
Aluminium collapsible ducts:
Or a set of solid plastic piping, that we cut up to use: 
For the solid piping, it would probably just be needed up to and maybe just after the actual blower unit, after which we could probably get away with the current flexible piping.

We also remembered that there was the consideration of getting a honeycomb bed for the cutter. This was one suggestion:

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