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The YNPNsfba listserv is for sharing nonprofit or social sector opportunities, events, resources, questions, and news in the San Francisco Bay Area. The views expressed in e-mails do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of YNPN National or YNPNsfba.

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Messages not related to the nonprofit or social sector will be rejected. Please wait at least a week before resubmitting a repeat post.  If you don't see your post in the Google Group, it's either sitting in the queue and won't be released until a week has passed from initial post date, or it was rejected for not meeting our Guidelines. Please wait a few days before inquiring about your post.

Please use subject headers (e.g. [JOB], [EVENT]) with descriptive subject lines under 65 characters, as outlined below in Guidelines & Etiquette, to make it easier for subscribers to find what is relevant to them and to increase the likelihood your post is read.

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Please post with care to ensure that your post provides value and benefit to other YNPN members. In general, posts in regard to nonprofit or social sector ideas, resources, questions, news, events, jobs are welcome, while spam, calls-to-action (e.g. requests to donate, sign petitions, contact elected officials, or participate in crowdfunding campaigns), and insults are prohibited. More specifically:

  • DO group multiple job openings for the same organization in one e-mail, rather than sending a separate e-mail for each job.
  • DO NOT SPAM the lists with posts not related to the nonprofit or social sector. This includes advertisements, sales pitches, or completely off-topic materials. Posts on other sectors will only be allowed if they mention how the job/event/resource is relevant to nonprofit professionals.
  • DO NOT SOLICIT ACTIONS such as donations, petition signing, and the like. We all support worthwhile causes, but the list will be unreadable if we all just solicit each other.
  • DO NOT SEND "OUT OF OFFICE" EMAILS. Set your auto-response to Reply rather than a Reply All if you're going to be out of the office-so that your message goes to only the person that sent the message, rather than everyone on the list.
  • DO NOT FLAME LIST MEMBERS by sending emails that are confrontational, hostile, or discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Please be respectful of other members and be cautious about your tone.
  • DO NOT ADD YNPN LISTS TO ANY OTHER DISTRIBUTION LISTS. This includes sending a YNPN list name/email to a third party without the person's consent (e.g. if you manage a list that advertises nonprofit consultants, you would be spamming the other members of the list by adding them by default to your list). This also includes forwarding your organization's weekly/monthly newsletter to this list.
  • DO NOT SEND REPEAT POSTINGS. Repeat postings within a week about the same job, event, etc. will be rejected unless the post is YNPNsfba sponsored. Please wait at least a week before resubmitting your post.
Use subject headers with descriptive subject lines under 65 characters. For example:
  • [JOB] Job Title at Organization Name -- For nonprofit jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities in the SF Bay Area (group multiple openings at same organization in one e-mail)
  • [EVENT] Event Name at Organization Name - Date -- For nonprofit events in the SF Bay Area
  • [PROFDEV] Class/Program Name at Organization Name -- For nonprofit professional development classes or programs
  • [HOUSING] Offered or Wanted in City Name -- For housing offers or searches in the SF Bay Area
  • [MARKETPLACE] Selling/Donating/Renting Out/Looking for _______ -- For announcements about nonprofit goods, equipment, furniture, or office space
  • [RECOMMEND] Looking for _______ -- For requests looking for nonprofit services or consultants
  • [RESOURCE] -- For sharing nonprofit resources
  • [NEWS] -- For sharing nonprofit news in the SF Bay Area
Questions? Visit https://support.google.com/groups, or contact us at technology@ynpnsfba.org.