[Yeti Trouble] Silver Lining and Gold

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M. Sweeney Lawless

Sep 10, 2007, 8:46:38 AM9/10/07
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Everyone wants to feel good, and our president is no exception. In fact, he'd rather feel good about things he's done more than he wants to have done them well. That is a problem, because very few people think he should feel very good about any task he's undertaked or challenge he's faced in his tenure. If the President wants to feel good, he should sidestep a lot of questions the rest of us have (for instance, "is the war going well?" and "are we reaching the benchmarks the administration decided on to measure its own effectiveness?") and concentrate on the more positive outcomes of the war. Business in general may not be booming -- or it may be, it's just no longer located on our soil -- but at least two businesses can feel good about the war.

It's an ill wind that blows no one any good, and despite all that blows, Halliburton feels good:


The awesome thing is that there is no down-side to being busted over and over again for cost overruns, malfeasance, fraud, or incompetence -- you get to stay in there, keep making money, and learn and grow!

There are quite a few best-selling books about the war:


Are you for? Against? Either way, there's money to be made!

There no doubt a few of our citizens keep getting good news about the war, but the rest of us shouldn't answer the door. The kind of opportunity Bush's cronies have gotten will never visit the rest of us and it's never good news when a pair of soldiers in dress uniforms comes knocking.

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