[Yeti Trouble] The VP Candidate Debates: Lowering the Playing Field

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Mons Meg

Sep 30, 2008, 6:32:26 PM9/30/08
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The vice presidential debate is approaching fast and both camps are anxiously anticipating the battle for wits.

Pundits agree: what Joe Biden lacks in charisma

Sarah Palin more than makes up for in random silliness.

It is likely the debate will be indistinguishable from that family reunion when your somewhat dull and distracted great uncle was trapped in the corner with that woman your cousin married – the one who won’t stop talking about that time she was chosen as a contestant on “The Price Is Right” and won a gas grill.

The moderator for Thursday’s debate will be PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, and she has a nearly impossible job ahead of her. If she plays “hardball” and sticks to foreign relations, macroeconomics, civil liberties, the Hague Convention, or the U.S. judiciary, the GOP will cry foul and accuse her of sexism.

On the other hand, if she asks the debaters the candidates’ opinions on evolution, biology, the Big Bang, and witchcraft, we will all go insane.

How can she help voters compare apples and oranges and decide which one of them to put into high office? Here are a few suggestions for debate topics that will not unfairly give either candidate an advantage:

✵ Is being a parent the hardest job – yet the most important?

✵ Do you ever look for your favorite sweater and realize you left it in your other house?

✵ Do a majority of Americans view your religion as wacky?

✵ Is it true that after tonight Joe Biden will step aside for Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin will step aside for a politician?

✵ Do Lauren and Doug have a chance for real happiness on “The Hills”?

Let's all agree to dissemble disagreeably.

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