100% cash down payment

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Jun 14, 2010, 8:20:37 AM6/14/10
Dear Mr. Safal Suri

I have been allotted a 300 SQM plot in Sector-20 under Payment Plan
Option-2, accordingly I have paid Rs. 1,00,000/- as registration money
and Rs. 3,27,500/- as allotment money and as per the payment plan my
next installment is due on 18/07/2010.

I want to deposit the outstanding amount as 100% cash down payment
before the due installment date and also want to get the lease
agreement done after full payment.

You are therefore requested to advice me the further course of action
on the matter and what would be the total amount that I will have to


अर्णब् मुखर्जी

Jun 14, 2010, 9:01:02 AM6/14/10
We have got conflicting response to this query from different member
and need to streamline the process for making full payment at this
Here is one of Safal's reply to one member:
Dear Vivek!
Answers to your questions...
1. Please write a letter to Manager (Property) of your sector,
him to permit you to prepay the balance amount without interest.
attach a photocopy of your allotment letter, photocopies of your
NOC from bank, if applicable.
2. In the letter you write to Manager (Property), kindly request him
details the amount payable (without interest) and the last date of
3. No, 2% discount is not applicable now.
Hope this helps,
Safal Suri

Another member wrote the following:

Dear Aranab/ Safal

I have executed the ATL.

Now I would like to do the full payment and asked to YEA to issue the
letter for one time payment.

According to one of the official, make the full payment with balance
intrest from 22-1-10 to depositing date of payment.

After making the payment send the letter with copy of bank Challan to

They will send the acknowledgedment letter.

They are not issuing the letter in advance to make the full payment.

So, what is the right procedure.

We have also learnt that people have made over-payment in interest and
are looking for refund from YEA.

I would suggest that get the interest component either verbally or in
writing for a future date (lets say June 30, 2010) and pay that amount
by June 30, 2010 or before.

This is a common question being posted over and over again and is a
FAQ candidate however I need to know the exact process to include it
in FAQ.

Rohit Guglani

Jun 14, 2010, 11:13:51 PM6/14/10
Even I am also looking for a definite answer to this query.

Also, normally in how much time the letter is issued by the Property


Rohit Guglani

Jun 23, 2010, 1:53:58 PM6/23/10
Hello Arnab,

Following are the steps I followed to do 100% cash down payment:

1. Write an Application to the YEA CEO for the Cash Down option and
submit it to the property manager of the Sector (18/20). Also mention
by what DATE you will be doing the payment as this helps in
calculating the interest portion. Also, attach a copy of allotment
letter and ID Proof.
2. YEA Property Manager will issue a letter mentioning the Date and
the Amount to be deposited
<Total time = 2-3 hrs for these 2 steps>
3. Make a photocopy of this letter
4. Deposit the mentioned amount in your concerned bank on or before
the Date (otherwise a new letter is required) along with the photocopy
of the letter issued by YEA

Thats it.


Rohit Guglani
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