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Residential Plot Scheme 2009 (RPS-01 2009) was the first lot of residential plots at Yamuna Expressway that were allotted to public on 14 October 2009 (1000, 2000 & 4000 sq. mt.) and 17 November 2009 (300 & 500 sq. mt.). Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEA) allotted a total of 21,000 plots. Out of these 16,825 plots were of 300 sq mtr, 2,500 plots were of 500 sq mtr, 1,250 plots were of 1,000 sq mtr, 300 plots were of 2,000 sq mtr and 125 plots were of 4,000 sq mtr.

Being a new area, we, the allottees / current owners / investors of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), are naturally anxious as to what future holds for all of us. Thus, this private group was formed in the month of May 2009. Eversince this group has grown from couple of members to many thousands. 
YEIDA GOOGLE GROUP welcomes owners of Residential Plot Scheme 2009 (RPS-01 2009), allottees of subsequent residential plot schemes and investors in general, to join us, so we all can share information / knowledge, and help each other through this forum. Being invested here we have similar concerns and some day in the future, we could be neighbors at Sector 18/20, Yamuna Expressway City.

It is in OUR INTEREST to inform all those who own a plot RPS-01 (2009) scheme or subsequent plot schemes, inorder to make our voice heard and our concerns addressed. Please share the following link with those who have (or may have in future) direct / indirect interest in the development of this part of the world:!forum/yeida.

First timers may please note the following 7 CODES OF CONDUCT that govern YEIDA GOOGLE GROUP. Please read them carefully before joining this group. All members / visitors are expected to strictly follow these rules.


YEIDA GOOGLE GROUP was created with sole purpose of gaining collective knowledge relating to Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Area (YEIDA) and all matters/subjects/concerns relating to it. Everyone is welcome to join the forum, to learn, share and contribute positively. We, at this forum, believe in freedom of thought and speech. However, in order to maintain decorum, all members of the forum are expected to adhere to the following basic rules of the group. These rules are mandatory:

1. Language: This being an open forum and visible globally, contributors are expected to consider the feelings of other members and use polite and courteous language while posting or replying. There is zero tolerance towards use of abusive or foul language. Posts containing socially un-acceptable language will be immediately deleted, followed by disciplinary action.


2. Comments: Every member is free to express his thoughts/views. At the same time, other members have the freedom to agree/disagree with the views presented. Therefore, all members are free to present their acceptance or rejection towards the topic or content of discussion. However, personal comments against another member, in any manner, form or language is not permitted in this forum.


3. Content: Kindly do not post irrelevant content on the group. All posts containing advertisements, promotions, nude content or any other material not related to this group will be deleted and the member will be permanently banned from the group.


4. Contributions: In an open forum, inputs/contributions by an individual/group are viewed and read by people across the world. It is therefore very important that the contributor(s) present information in a very responsible fashion. Participating members should take into account the consequence of their inputs.


5. Plagiarism: Information is the key. The more we know, the more we learn. We encourage everyone to contribute as much as possible. As, the information obtained is generally from external sources, it is only then fair to declare the source and give credit where it is due. Let us remember, there is a fine line between borrowing and stealing.


6. Contact Information: Members and visitors are requested not to post their contact details (in any manner) or property details on this group. All posts containing contact information or property details will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from the group.


7. Listings: A separate section is devoted to sale/purchase. It is requested and expected that inquiries on sale or purchase are posted or listed in that section only. All posts relating to sale and purchase posted in general discussions forum will be deleted.


Members are requested to contact the moderators should they encounter any specific problem relating to the functioning of the forum.