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Alternative discussion: https://github.com/yalmip/YALMIP/discussions

Welcome to the Google groups for everything related to YALMIP, solvers used by YALMIP, and modelling and optimization in a YALMIP context. 

If your question involves code which crashes or similarly, please supply, if possible, fully reproducible code, i.e, code that actually runs and shows your problem. Try to reduce the code to something as simple as possible, while still illustrating your issue (i.e., preferably avoid sending complete library of code to setup the problem, use random data instead if possible, don't use a model with 5000 constraints when it crashes already on the first constraint, etc)

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of YALMIP (currently YALMIP R2021-03-31)

2. If you are debugging something: Simplify simplify simplify. Always reduce a problem as far as possible.

3. Surprised by infeasibility: https://yalmip.github.io/debugginginfeasible/

Don't forget to read the manual with examples and tutorials at the YALMIP homepage