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Mehmet Cirit (Ceridli)

Feb 19, 2023, 10:18:16 PM2/19/23
to xyce-users
I have been playing around with the option 'parser scale'. It looks to me if Xyce does not
find a matching model in a binned model file, it is giving a fatal error, stating no model is found. 

1. Is this the expected behavior? The message is misleading, indicating that something wrong with models. It would be more helpful to identify the binning parameters which failed.

2. It should be possible to use the closest bin as the model to use.  The closest one
can be found by scaling the binning parameters. If there are multiple candidates, smallest bin should be preferred,  and  if there are multiples of those, one can decide using the sensitivity designation of binning parameters. Another parser option may enable
such behavior.

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