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Sven Constable

Mar 10, 2024, 2:37:33 PMMar 10



I’m looking for video ressources regarding XSI learning material and tutorials for archival purposes.

The reason I’m doing that is I’m currently learning scripting in XSI (yeah I know... but better late than never) and the video tutorials regarding that matter are sparse. I think a lot of them disappeared over the years and I would like to have a local backup. And while I’m on it, I’m archiving everything else as well. It might become handy at some time in the future. It should be publicly available from video portals like YT and smilar. Preferably playlists so I can bulk download it. Single videos are just too much hassle.


What I have so far (YT and Vimeo playlists):


ADSK Softimage Learning Channel

Helge Mathee - Scripting in XSI


Noesis Interactive

Paul Smith

Stephen Blair


I have other stuff collected over the decades but for now I’m into (publicly available) video tutorials only.

If you still have some old but working bookmarks regarding stuff like that, it would be great. If you’re interested in the collection later on, I will make it available.

I’m not going to categorise it but will create folder and subfolder structures with proper naming, for some convenience. So all vids from a person will stay as a collection as it was once created by that person.

If you created XSI tutorials yourself, even 20 years ago and no longer sharing them on videos platforms anymore, feel free to chime in. It’s an opportunity to have all the knowledge and effort that was once done, collected into something that will possibly survive as a whole. :)




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